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Hackers, snoops, your boss, and even your ISP may be watching where you go and what you do when you are online. Eavesdroppers can monitor your internet sessions without alerting you to their presence, recording every keystroke, login, and website you visit. Imposters often pose as legitimate wifi connections in public places like airports, hotels, and cafes, invisibly capturing all your online activities for their own personal gain. These increasingly common online threats lead to data compromises, viruses, spyware, identity theft, financial loss, and more.

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Customer Reviews

17 Reviews to “XeroBank”
  1. bounty says:

    I want to warn everyone about Xerobank, they’re the same guys behind the scam operation metropipe.net ! Just google xerobank and metropipe and you’ll find the facts and places where people like me got hit by them. Why i’m writing this ? Because i lost my money to them and every hair on my body regrets for giving them money i worked hard for. They used to promote that they work with governments too but they took it quickly off after people started asking difficult questions. They boast they got interviewed and work with the FBI and can suddenly hand over data if asked yet claiming their vpn is 100 % anonymous. The scammers crow forums like wilders security trying fool newbies to buy into their scam. Why does such company need to depend so much on a thirdparty forum ? Anyway, i’m done.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I installed this program on my USB drive and it screwed with my extensions and my cookies of my desktop-installed Firefox! It also did something weird to my Google Chrome, and then refused to shutdown/delete when I grew tired of it playing with it. Why is XeroBank interfering with other programs’ files to begin with?

    XeroBank browser is NOT portable. If you are thinking of installing this to your USB drive, thinking that it’s portable: don’t! The main site claims it is portable but it is NOT.

  3. Michael says:

    Service iz okay. Dunno anything about that scam, maybe just a rumor

  4. Branch says:

    There is nothing wrong with this service even though I have heard that the support isn’t good. (Not yet have needed to contact there)

  5. Crockbits says:

    Pros: It even looks like a professional made vpn solution which works well.

    Cons: A bit pricy

    Summary: If you want to have a real vpn that works, this is the one for you but it requires money.

  6. Quality comes first says:

    Six months ago I started to look vpn for my needs: strong privacy, medium anonymity with stable servers and fast speeds. Since then, I have seen dozens and dozens vpn providers which many of them cannot provide what they say. After a few months searching, I noticed Xerobank’s website, and tested their trial. After the one month trial, I have used their Identity Protection

    Their anonymity network is implemented like in tor network without its risks and speed loss. Service use low-latency multi hop network, with data multiplexing and encrypting [military-strength] your whole internet connection. So in other words, all your application which uses internet connection are anonymised and encrypted. It defeats US Domestic Surveillance, EU Data Retention, and any other spying attempts, including hackers and your own ISP. Besides that, their corporation is located in Panama jurisdiction which ensures the strongest privacy policy, and even the payment process is separated, so a payment cannot identify user.
    All this has been done very easy for the customer, just download the XB Browser, XB VPN, or XB machine, install it and subscribe for the upgraded version on their website, and click the client on. Now you are protected.

    Summary of my thoughts after the a few months usage of XB VPN:
    – Speed: great (not a significant change if I didn’t use vpn)
    – Server uptime: Not a single disconnection
    – Else: nothing about to complain

  7. hb says:

    Don’t use Xerobank, they steal my money, I cancelled and two months later they’re still taking my money. I wrote to them many times, but no reply. I thought they finally understood when I found someone from this website on a forum, but he didn’t help me either, and I just got taxed for an other month. My bank can’t even reject it, I just have to wait for my card to get expired as I leave very far away from my country and making opposition would leave me with no card. Thanks Xerobank for being so professional.

  8. dalpay_jon says:

    If you have a billing issue with one of our suppliers, such as XeroBank, you can either contact us US toll free on our order inquiry hotline: 1-877 865 7746, or open a support ticket: https://www.dalpay.com/billing_info.html

  9. Joy W says:

    Xerobank’s support service is unbelievably bad.

    The founder, Steve Topletz is forever promising wonderful new services but he falls flat on his toush when it come to answering rquests for help from his paying customers.

    Unless you’re a geek, I would be dubious about using this service.

  10. TJ Jacobson-aukland NZ says:

    I would also like to say that the service has many promises of fantastic anonymity, but the apparent owner and one many show promoter, Mr Steve Topletz, has innumerable promises scattered throughout the internet of services for xerobank that were never delivered. I subscribed to the service for about 5 months and i really liked certain features about it. However there was always a large number of disgruntled users who couldn’t get answers to their support questions. There is (was?) a similar VPN service called metropipe that was just like xerobank in terms of extremely poor support.

  11. Cybermonkey says:

    Tried this service for a few months. Had some problems. Couldn’t get help. Tried their forum. No solutions. Dropped the service.

  12. Jarmin T says:

    Support is getting better than what other users seem to have experienced in the past. It’s a wonderful concept. Well worth supporting.

  13. Ex XBer says:

    Service was fine when it was operating. For months now only 50% of the servers are available. No customer support at all. It looks as though everyone has jumped from the sinking ship. Is XB paying their bills for server usage ?

  14. Flier Dan says:

    Even now, in July and August 2011, and after so many complaints from so many customers, getting support is erratic. There are complains voiced laoud and clear right on their own forum and not any reply for days by xerobank staff.
    However I think there’s only one staff and that is the founder, Steven Topletz.
    Look, it’s just like they put on this wonderful description of how security safe the service is but then their servers have gone out for weeks at a time. They seem to be very good about PR and promoting themselves but they don’t deliver on time or they deliver less than promised. Finally after some months of using them I got tired of their attitude towards customers. The poor communication soured me on the whole thing. I wish they had done better.

  15. me says:

    yes i used them, paid with gift card, got no response after payment. have not been given access to their vpn. yes it’s a scam, i don’t know what 2600 mag is doing letting them advertise there

  16. Sympathetic but.... says:

    Steven Topletz himself is a well respected cyberprivacy geek.

    As a businessman, however, his approach and attitude leave a great deal to be desired.

    Almost since its inception, with rare pulses to the contrary, Xerobank has offered close to Xero support for customers. When this lack of support gets bad enough that angry customer comments spill over into non-Xerobank privacy forums, Steve quickly tries to do damage control, which consists usually of more promises (rarely kept), free credits on service, etc.

    Obviously he’s lost a heap of customers with this attitude. I suspect the reason why he doesn’t reform himself is that he’s making enough money with government contracts, etc., and can’t be bothered attending to ‘regular’ paying Xerobank customers.

  17. Nadir says:

    Expect Zero support and Zero response! Why I said this? I stupidly sign up few months ago, countless emails to them never receive any response whatsoever.

    I think either its a lazy one man show or the owner has passed away and everything automated.

    Seriously avoid until ZeroBank comes in here and respond properly to all the complains!

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