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Windows VPN – Some facts you might want to know

Windows VPN is much talked about these days. This article gives you some informational facts on it. Do you know the viable way to build VPN connectivity in an operating system like Windows XP? VPN, as we know it, stands for the term Virtual Private Network. It’s a special private network covering another network for providing functionalities to some users. VPNs are able to provide you with a highly secure channel of communications over the typical and mass used Internet. For this, special encryptions along with other specialized security methods are used. It could easily be utilized in three different ways. The first two are controlled accessibility in the intranet and remote client connectivity, while the third one is based on LAN to LAN laded networking. Let’s now get more insights on Windows VPN networking.

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Go to the Control Panel through the “Start” button. Then just double-click onto the icon that says Network Connections for opening the window. Click “Create a new connection,” and you’ll find it in the ‘Network Tasks’. This opens up the XP New Connection Wizard. Proceed by pressing “Next” as this will commence the wizard and it’ll also choose the radio button that is labeled as “Connect to the network at my workplace.” Now, you have to press that “Next” button if you wish to bring up that Network Connection page.

Then pick that radio button that is labeled as “Virtual Private Network connection.” Pick it in the paged titled as Network Connection page. Then click “Next” and enter whatever name you want for that VPN connectivity into the field that is labeled as “Company Name.” Then click “Next.” You now have to enter an IP address (another option is entering the VPN server’s name), and click “Next” for connecting to it. Check that box marked as “Add shortcut to my desktop.” This is useful if you want a shortcut on the desktop. Now click “Finish” to initiate the new VPN connection.

Hope you got some idea on Windows VPN, but let us also consider the fact that the VPN facilitates the connection of multiple remote users into your organizational network. As you can use a highly secure and encrypted “tunnel” into the private network, you, as the user can dial in a server to become an active member of the network. This is pretty much like being directly linked to that network itself.

Though VPN servers that are meant for windows usually are considered just as the extension of the private network, but the reality is – they’re nothing comparable with the versatility of a private network. That’s because you should not compare the physically connected devices (within closed environments) to those that are remote connections. Nevertheless, the idea of Windows VPN sever is meaningful to some people as it does not require any posh long distance leased lines, which lowers costs the cost to a great extent. Then again, it’s easier to setup on the client end and on the server side.

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