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Wi-Fi security

Wi Fi is a very conventional and easy method of accessing the internet, and an essential part of which is the Wi Fi security. And the best part of this service is that you could access the internet from almost anywhere through Wi Fi. All you need to have is a Wi Fi enabled laptop or palmtop, and find a good Wi Fi hot spot, that is it! It is completely free of any costs and you do not require a wired connection or a modem to access the internet. Once you are there on the Wi Fi hot spot, you can start off by simply registering yourself.

A question that would cross your mind is how secure is a Wi Fi connection. In actuality, the answer is very less. Wi Fi is an open channel. It transmits data with a very less frequency, and so it uses a frequency almost similar to that of a microwave oven. Therefore, there is a very less amount of encryption Wi Fi can provide you with, and the level of encryption it provides is very easily decodable. In fact, Wi Fi needs a higher level of encryption just to be at par with the hackers!

You now probably have an idea of how important an issue Wi Fi security is. Most of us shudder at the thought of our mails getting hacked, imagine all our data! Add to that the recent involvement of Wi Fi security in terror attacks. Most terror attacks always come with a warning email or an identification email after the terror attack. All of these are sent through Wi Fi, using somebody else’s email account, so that is all the more reason for you to be worried about Wi Fi security.

You must be quite sure that all your information you send is protected, but most of us do not bother about the same. This is because we are so used to the idea of our data being protected because the conventional method of accessing internet through LAN has many firewalls. So you must realize that Wi Fi is a lot different than your normal internet access method.

Wi Fi security is thus a way of preventing illegal access or damage to the computers with the help of wireless networks. For internet security you should use firewalls, whereas for Wi Fi security you should use VPN or encryption.