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Why You Should Get a Cheap VPN for Personal Use

Many businesses have begun using virtual private networks (VPN) for a variety of benefits including flexibility and scalability, increased security, cost savings, and the ability to connect anywhere at any time.  However, with the recent explosion of cheap VPN services on the market, a virtual private network is no long just for businesses and many of the benefits can be transferred over to the level of personal use.  This article will detail some of the advantages of using a cheap VPN.

  • Anonymous Surfing. The internet is filled with scripts, cookies, etc. that are just waiting to capture details about you including your browsing habits, and more importantly, your location.  Using your IP address, you can be traced and tracked – often for malicious goals.  By purchasing a cheap VPN service , you can hide behind their IP and surf anonymously.

  • Additional Security. The use of a virtual private network ensures an added level of security when accessing the internet.  This is due to the nature of the system.  For instance, when you connect to the internet, you are accessing it through a direct link.  However, when you create a secure tunnel between your computer, and a VPN, and then subsequently access the internet, you are creating an addition level of security.

  • Be Americanized. There are many countries in the world that block certain sites and certain sites that block visitors from specific countries.  For instance, if you want to watch a television show on Hulu, you must be living in America – or at least accessing the website from America.  By accessing the site through a cheap private VPN, you’ll be able to use sites that otherwise would be blocked to you.  The same can be said for online shopping.  Often times if you place an order on an American site in a country such as China, the credit card will be blocked as it will appear to be suspicious activity.  By utilizing a virtual private network, the sites will be none the wiser.

  • Use Public Wi-Fi Safely. Almost every coffee shop in America now has a public Wi-Fi hotspot where you can log in and browse the internet while having a coffee.  However, these hotspots are a perfect location for hackers to sit and wait for an unsuspecting victim.  If you do any online banking, shopping, or even simply checking your email on public internet connections, a virtual private server can ensure your passwords and information stay private and secure.

  • Cheaper Skype Rates. Many people do not realize that Skype charges you based on your current location which is, you guessed it, determined by your IP address.  If you make a lot of calls to the USA from other countries, a cheap VPN can pay for itself many times over.  Basically, if you use Skype through an American based virtual private network and you make a call to an American telephone number, Skype sees that as a domestic call – thus you only pay domestic rates.  Of course, if you don’t use Skype, this option may not be beneficial to you – but all the other benefits are well worth the cost of a cheap VPN.

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