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Why use VPN service in China

The VPN service in China is on an all time rise thanks to all those websites the country’s government has blocked. The recent controversies regarding China are the ones which mostly involve the nation’s anti tech savvy behavior; it is almost like China repels any new technology. Now in such cases, it is obvious that there will be quite a rebel from the youth of the country. There are two fold reasons for the increase of VPN service in China; of course, the prime reason is the ban on various sites.

Firstly, China has banned all the popular websites, actually very popular sites on the internet. Sites like YouTube, Facebook are already banned and now there are hints of Google too getting banned in China! So what could you expect from the youth of this country other than going into a rebel and finding alternate methods to unblock these websites and access them, past the firewall?

What makes this issue so serious is the fact that China is the world’s most populated country, so attempts of accessing banned sites, popular sites at that, must be huge in number. The former two reasons clearly indicate why the VPN services in China are so much in demand. Now due to these facts, VPN has become a very common thing in China. One might wonder why the youth of China didn’t try proxies instead. This was only because the firewalls installed are too strong to allow a proxy to access banned sites. China ‘s government is no fool; it saw this huge rebel coming and so made sure that its firewalls were strong enough to stop proxies. Also, it has done this very slyly. The firewall does not totally stop the proxy but it makes it so slow that it is almost rendered useless. Proxies are anyways not a hit among the youth due to the numerous advertisements that show up on it.

So the next big thing in China was obviously the VPN service, and so it has moved on to become an in vogue way of being tech savvy no matter where you live. A few examples of VPN services would be ultra VPN, ghost VPN, free VPN and hotspot VPN. These are quite a few VPN services in China, but make sure you select the right one, one which is cheap and effective.

The VPN service is China has acquired immense importance given the rebellious scene over the banning of certain hugely popular websites in this country.