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Why Should I Use a VPN?

There are many reasons that both companies and individuals choose to use a VPN to access their computer networks. The ease of use and cost-savings are but two reasons. For example, there are many businesspeople that travel extensively. Many of these businesspeople must check in with their companies at least once each day to update calendars and other records. Login is much simpler by logging onto the VPN rather than by having each person use a separate modem. This also saves on the telephone costs.

Security is a benefit when using a VPN. The reason for this is not as complex as it may seem. A VPN is a sort of “tunnel” that interconnects one computer, or a group of computers. This tunnel is essentially a secure data stream that is created within another connection.

To explain it simply, you have a main Internet connection via the main server. The VPN is a different connection that runs within the main Internet connection. A secure area is established on the server with the endpoints being a VPN. The only way that a client computer can gain access to the secure area on the main server is via the VPN. It is sort of like a road within the tunnel on the highway. The number of roads is limited only by the amount of available bandwidth and the connecting hardware.

While discussing security, there is one other aspect that should be presented – Hot spots. Hot spots are areas that allow a wireless Internet connection. This has grown to be a particularly sensitive issue as more computer users become mobile. It is especially problematic since many of these same computer users often fail to protect their wireless networks with a password. A VPN is essential to protecting vital information by preventing Hot Spot sniffing.

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