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Why Should I Use A VPN Service

Perhaps a more appropriate question to ask is – Why not use a VPN service? VPN has so many benefits and there is virtually no downside to using it. Although a complete review of each of the features of a VPN service would expand this article beyond its allotted space, there are a few of its benefits that require mention.

  • Security
  • Virtual firewall
  • Anonymity
  • Maintain your nationality anywhere in the world
  • Hot Spot sniffing protection
  • Access via a static IP only
  • A better rate for Skype users
  • Censorship circumvention
  • Blocked access circumvention

To add to the mention of VPN service security it is worth noting that all traffic is encrypted. This added layer of security can be the difference between conducting normal business transactions, and having to call in a security expert to flush a virus or some other security issue from the system. The same can be said about the virtual firewall that is included with a VPN service.

There has been a great amount of information disseminated about the anonymity of a VPN service. What may not be so widely known is that a VPN service provides an IP and country label of the country that it is located. This means that if, for example, you are an American expat in a country that has a poor reputation for conducting Internet transactions, that you will likely have some issues when you attempt to place an order via an ecommerce system. When you connect to the Internet via a VPN service that is in the United States, the IP that you log on to the ecommerce system will recognize you as being in the U.S. That could be a real time saver.

It is easy to recognize the many positive benefits of using a VPN service.

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