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What is VPN?

VPN is an acronym that is used for virtual private network. As a definition, we can say that a VPN is a network that will use public telecommunication infrastructures in order to offer travelling users access or remote office access to central organizational networks. The most commonly used VPN service will always use the Internet in order to make the connection possible.

In most cases the VPN will need to include an authenticated user to put in a username and a password in order to be able to connect. In addition, a high quality VPN service will also include data encryption technology in order to make sure that private information is not going to be accessible to a party that is not going to be authorized.

VPN can serve any possible network functionality that you would regularly find in networks. In most cases a VPN service is contracted in order to allow data sharing but there is also the possibility to share other possible resources like websites, printers, databases or basically anything that can be shared through a network. The VPN user is going to use the entire network just like being connected directly to it. The only real difference is that the Internet is going to offer the connectivity procedure. This brings in the huge advantage that you can be anywhere in the world to use data on the network that you need and have access to.

The most important part of a VPN is security. The VPN service contractor needs to know what it is doing so that all the data is always kept safe. We are sure that you heard about different hacking incidents that happened around the world. Because of the fact that there is a connection that is possible from any computer that is connected to the Internet, it is crucial that the best possible security protocols are used. If this is not done, there is always the possibility of someone gaining access to the data on the network. This is definitely something that we do not want to see happening when using VPN.

VPN versus Other Network Connection Possibilities

In the past the networked computers that were connected with each other were linked with the use of dial-up or leased phone lines. Nowadays this possibility is not used anymore due to the fact that it is really expensive when compared with what a VPN service offers. VPN is going to cut down on costs charged due to the fact that there will no longer be a need to have physical lines involved in the process. We basically managed to eliminate the creation of Intranet and replace it with the use of the Internet. All users that have access to the VPN can exchange all private data through secured channels.

The bottom line is that there are many advantages to using virtual private networks and no real disadvantages. We are faced with the possibility of using the created network wherever we may go and this is definitely something of great use for many institutions

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