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What is VPN software

Virtual Private Network or VPN software solution facilitates private communications through wireless distant computer networks. The technology is based on a system called tunneling. Did you know that VPN software solutions comprise clients, servers as well as high tech utility programs? There are many highly popular VPN software solutions applications that are available for free downloading over the Internet. Some software solutions are available these days that utilize some kind of mediation server for establishing peer-to-peer connectivity over UDP. Many of these software solutions are available for free and can be used for non-commercial use. Today, you can find high quality service packed VPN Accounts with US$7 per month quick setup. There are some VPN services available for unblocking web sites and surfing anonymously totally free and with very fast speed. You just need to look up online.

Software solutions like Cisco VPN Client can support high end IPSec connectivity into Cisco based VPN concentrators, for instance. This type of VPN software solutions can run on operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. You can also consider using OpenVPN, which happens to be an SSL-based and open sourced VPN software solution. Actually, OpenVPN is meant to runs on major operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Did you know that HideIP as well happens to be is another VPN service that is designed specially to provide you with anonymous online accessibility on the basis of OpenVPN technologies? The truth is that, HideIP servers make use of IP addresses that are based in the US and UK. This lets people residing in other countries reach websites which limit accessibility on the basis of address geography. There are HideIP services that you can consider using, though they’re made available in pretty limited quantity. And the fees for subscription costs around US$10 each month.

Then again, Shimo 2 is for Apple Mac OS X and brings you integrated support for VPN. Shimo happens to be a smart GUI client used on Mac OS X based computers. Actually the newer versions of Shimo 2 can work efficiently as a close substitute for Cisco VPN Clients based on Macs? Still, it’s also very much compatible with many other types of PPTP, L2TP or SSH laden VPN technologies, which includes Hamachi or OpenVPN. If you have time, you can check the site of the manufacturer.

Or how about, Tinc VPN Daemon, which happens to be a totally VPN software that enables VPN operations through low-level daemon/network device configuration. It was designed primarily for Linux/Unix based networks, but Tinc works on PCs that run on Windows. And if you care to go for the free ones, consider using FreeS/WAN, which is efficient IPSec VPN software to work on mainly Linux networks. Today, they no longer develop FreeS/WAN has stopped, which makes it the subject to research of students mainly. VPN software can allow the accessibility in the Internet as well as in the extranet sources, which are otherwise restricted to a number of IP addresses. Some people use the term VPN Software interchangeably with the term – Gateway.

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