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What is VPN service

VPN service or Virtual Private Network service is a service which allows you to share data or information over a shared, public or open network. Yet, while doing this, it behaves as a point to point private network. So basically the VPN network is just a network which allows you to share data through or of public networks and at the same time keeps your data exchange completely discreet, if it is to be described in lay man terms. So it can rightfully be called the next version of the quintessential private network. The advantages of the VPN service are spreading like wild fire over the internet, thanks to the latest changes in a few cyber laws.

Here is why the VPN service is so popular. Since you can exchange, view and format data through a virtual private network (VPN), and yet your actions will be visible only to you, hence the name. It is quite easy for you to view or access any public network or public website that has been banned in that particular region. If it has been banned it s obvious there must be a firewall involved. The best part about VPN is that it appears to be a harmless private network to the firewall, and so it carries out all the information of a banned site without any complications. Most people would argue that proxies too do exactly the same, but as mentioned earlier, the governments of nations which have banned websites have become known to the fact that proxies are a way to access the latter, and so have made certain changes in the firewall, which makes a proxy very slow, almost inaccessible.

Another great feature of the VPN service is that it too, like the wide area network, offers you an intranet or an extranet connection. If you have or are in a business that requires all its employees to have lot of long distance communication, that is it allows its employees to work from home or work from a particular destination you could then use the remote access with VPN. All the employee has to do is log onto the local server, connect with the VPN server as a VPN client, and communicate over the lines of the local area network.

The VPN service, popular for bringing to you banned sites, has many other advantages and commercial solutions which could be put to good use.