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what is OpenVPN

The open VPN is an extremely easy to use open source tool that allows you to connect with any large public network, mostly the internet. It was created in the year 2002 and its latest version 2.0 is even better than the introductory one.

What an open VPN service actually does is take all your data that has to be transmitted along the public network and divert it to a tunnel. It is basically a tool that develops or installs VPNs from one website to another, so here it imitates the characteristic of a normal VPN, wherein the latter acts as point to point private network. Also, the open VPN uses either the UDP or the TCP port to take the data to the tunnel, where it will be encrypted. It also uses the SSL protocol or it might use the TLS one too. Most open VPNs might use pre share keys.

The open VPN is actually a tool used to create VPNs, but the reason why it is so popular is the friendly interface it has with all its users.

Besides, the open VPN is also software friendly, it runs on almost any system, be it Linux, Windows, Mac. All these systems are cooperative with the open VPN, and so there are no installation hassles. When it comes to configuration principles on different platforms, there is no need to worry as the principles are just the same for any given platform. You must keep in mind that while installing the open VPN in a Linux system, the Linux operating system should be higher than a 2.4 kernel.

An open VPN, just like its previous version, is of the client server architecture or the client server type. It will have to be installed for both the ends to make sure that the application runs well between both the ends.

The open VPN uses a particular port for tunneling, which is the UDP 1194. However, you can use any other UDP or TCP port to transmit the data to the tunnel. Moreover, the 2nd version of the open VPN is even better; it allows you to give in one unique port for data access to several tunnels on the server. This tool is getting popular with every passing day.

With some fine features and user friendly applications, the open VPN is certainly a great way to ensure that all your data is encrypted and private.