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We will change our site to VPN service deals site

Hello my fellow MVR readers

It’s been a long time and finally i am back, i started this VPN service review blog 7 years ago, it was just a catelog for my convience and soon i found it is very useful for other people who use VPN service, so i invest some time to this site and make it easy to use. i didn’t take advertisement offers on this site, but i do put affiliate links on it, the homepage banners are all affiliate links, i don’t do ads because i don’t familiar with these companies, i only recommend the companies i have used. however recently, more and more companies get into the industry and more and more people start to concern their privacy , so it is unfair that i only promote established companies, we need more fresh blood in this industry.

So i decide to add a new section on the site, it is a VPN service deals or coupons section, i will post 1 or 2 deals & coupons everyday, of course i will post new company deals, it is a very good way to start in this business if the new company can release some nice coupons & deals of their service.

I have no ETA on this project but i promise to all you guys that it won’t take long , you are welcome to check back anytime you want