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Ways in which you can unblock Facebook on your computer

There is absolutely no doubt that the computer these days is an indispensable tool at the school, office or home. This is especially because of the advent of the internet. However it would interest you to know that these day’s people abuse the use of the internet to the point where some websites are blocked on their computers. What this means is that such people cannot access those websites on their computer. One of such websites is that of Facebook a social networking site that connects people. This is mainly because employers and school authorities feel it takes away precious time that could have used to work or learn. It is for this reason that people want to know ways in which they can unblock Facebook from their computer.

One of the ways in which you can unblock Facebook from your computer is through the use of proxy server. The proxy server is simply a website that displays another website. The workings if this server is quite unique because when you type a web address into your browser at work at school, the network would then check the address that has been entered against the list of addresses that have been banned or blocked. In this instance this could be www.facebook.com. It is important to note however that the web address of the proxy server website may not have been blocked therefore the network allows the traffic. Therefore all that this proxy serve does is to act as a transfer point allowing you to unblock Facebook. Your computer is then not going to Facebook but rather it is going through another computer to Facebook.

When it comes to the proxy servers, there are a number of them that could be available on the internet. It would interest you to know that there are even numerous websites that are devoted to the maintenance lists if proxy servers. The important thing you have to do with regards to these when you want to unblock Facebook is to use different proxies each and every day. This way, your network administrator would not be able to track all the traffic you are generating to that proxy in question.

Another way you can use to unblock Facebook is to use a different browser. You have to note that a lot of the computers make use of Internet Explorer and Windows, therefore the network administrators would only block the websites for Internet Explorer. There are some very clever administrators however who would go as far as blocking other browsers like Safari, Macintosh or Firefox.  But always keep in mind that there is always a chance of you accessing the Facebook page by the use of a different browser. For this reason there are a number of other browsers now available for you to choose from. These include Google Chrome, Avant, Opera and Netscape. These are software that you can easily download from a number of websites for usage.