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Watch youporn/redtube in China?

According to China’s relevant laws,you CAN NOT watch youporn/redtube in China (easy,man,just in public,who cares you if you watch some porno vids in your room),any porno related websites are blocked by the China’s GREAT FIRE WALL,and you may wanna use a proxy to unblock these websites,ok,the fact is you CAN use proxy to unblock them,but proxy only works for text and image websites,that means you can unblock youporn/redtube but you CAN NOT watch their videos because the proxy do not want you to do that due to the bandwidth issue.

so,your only choice is VPN,bad news is that almost every VPN charge you some $$,but,consider the benefits you got such as Anonymous Surfing,128bit Strong Encryption ,even your ISP can not spying on you,Bypass and use skype if it is blocked in your region, bypass all blocked web sites, such as poker, adult, blog sites, watch American TV ,etc…,i think it’s worthy of

oh,i forget one thing that the online videos eats tons of bandwidth,so,you may wanna choose some unlimited bandwidth VPN provider such as StrongVPN,i use them nearly 2 months for watch youporn/redtube in China,so far so good