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Watch Rugby World Cup 2015 Online for Free via Private VPN Service

Rugby World Cup 2015 is the biggest sports event of this year If you are a die-hard Rugby fan, you can watch it in TV or on live streaming sites, but there is a problem, there are only 5 free live streaming sites out there, and all of them are GEO-restricted? means if you are not in the specific country, you just can not watch it for FREE, here is the list of the 5 countries and broadcasters

  1. United Kingdom – ITV (Free)
  2. France – TF1 | Canal+ (Free)
  3. Ireland – TV3 (Free)
  4. Romania – DigiSport (Free)
  5. Wales – S4C (Free)

The Good news is that you can use Private VPN service to change your devices’ IP address to the countries listed above to watch it for FREE.there are a few VPN service provider even release a discount code for this event, such as PureVPN.com, they offer rugby fans an extra 10% off if you act now, here is purevpn reviews we got from the real purevpn customers, you can check it out before you order