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VPNUK offer secure VPN services from any worldwide location to servers in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands to home users and businesses the world over. Our VPN services are Fast, Secure and Unmetered.

* You can connect to our Shared IP servers over PPTP, L2TP with IPSec and OpenVPN.
* Our Shared IP servers have randomly assigned Dynamic IP Pools which means you do not share your VPN IP with everyone else on the server.
* All servers have a limited number of client accounts on them, this ensures there are always plenty of resources available.
* We do not track or monitor our clients usage.
* You are free to cancel your subscription at any time, there is no mimimum period.
* Expert Live Help and Remote Assistance is available should you have any problems with your VPN service.
* There is no minimum term with our service.
No obligation Free trial accounts are instantly available upon request, visit our Live Help service for more information.

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Customer Reviews

23 Reviews to “VPNUK”
  1. l. hillman says:

    I used this VPN service for 6 months, and would not recommend it to anyone. The connection drops every half hour, on the dot, and will not reconnect in less than one minute. This makes watching a streamed programme irritating at best, if not completely pointless.

    I contacted their customer services, who re-installed my connection a couple of times, before telling me there was nothing wrong with their service, the problem was with my equipment.

    I changed to another provider, and all the problems disappeared.

    If I was cynical, I would say that VPNUK purposefully disconnected everyone after 30 mins, so that people who are connected, but not using the connection, are not clogging up their servers.

    All in all, AVOID.

  2. AMR says:

    I had problems with this service until I switched from dedicated to shared IP and began to use the OpenVPN protocol. It is also important to enable the firewall to open the correct port (1194) and IP addresses for the service. It is also important to make sure that unnecessary services, including extra tabs in IE8, and bit-torrent applications are not running while using shared IP for a service that uses a lot of the computer’s resources. Since making the aforementioned changes, I have been able to shared IPs for days at a time without reconnecting.

    Danny and Nikki are dedicated to running a smooth service – they are at the cutting edge of this technology, and, thus, it is not surprising that there were some initial hiccups. Danny has spent hours helping me with via live chat until we figured out the best approach to use. They also have integrity and I know that they are deliberately cutting off the service every half hour. If they were doing that, the service would also cut off with an OpenVPN connection, which is not the case. I highly recommend this service.

  3. Mark says:

    Myself and a couple of friends have used VPNUK for nearly 12 months and have had no problems with the service apart from one time when I accidentally cancelled our account. That mishap was resolved in a few minutes through their live help.

    All in all it does exactly what its supposed to do. I would recommend this company to anyone thats looking for a decent VPN provider that actually has working support and good pricing.

  4. Mart says:

    I originally took a free trial out with vpnuk and was very impressed with the ease of their setup, I singed up and have not looked back. Unlike others that I have used in the past these give you the choice of PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN connections on their servers, which is a massive plus for me when I use my system running ubuntu! I have setup an account on 3 seperate computers including my girlfriends mac and work computer running Windows 7 and its worked perfectly everytime.

    These guys seem to know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it very well!


  5. Jennifer says:

    I only used this service for a short time. It was great while it “lasted”, and my first technical issue was answered immediately. That was a simple one to do with a reset of one of their servers. However, the reason I canceled is that they don’t have any intentions of helping with deeper troubles.

    In my case, soon after using this VPN I noticed some odd things happening. I assumed my pop up blocker wasn’t working properly. Soon after though major problems showed up as well as malware and virus notices. This was beyond strange as I have several protection suites running and haven’t had a problem for years (when I was using a different anti-virus suite, not that it matters). I couldn’t figure it out, but worse, my computer was unresponsive to the usual “tricks” and couldn’t even start in safe mode. I also couldn’t load anything on the web. I ended up paying a fee to the manufacturer who (mistakenly as it turned out) assured me they could clean things from their end. What happened in stead is that over a 5 hour period they tried things that didn’t work and then finally reinstalled Windows. I didn’t even think this was related to the VPN at this time.

    After days of reinstalling things and setting them up, as well as adding yet another (4 in total) protection suite that specialised in malware, I suddenly had more problems. The problems suddenly hit when I had the VPN on. I ran scans, checked logs, did everything. It was nastier than before. The Norton logs also showed me something odd — when I was signed onto the VPN, I was being shown as switching off my regular server as if I’d logged out. Obviously I wasn’t. But something was making Norton (2009 and then 2010) think I was. I contacted VPN UK with screenshots of what was going on, told them I was trying to fix this, and asked if there were known or unknown (?!) issues with Norton. I said however that it seemed clear that something about the VPN was doing something odd here….and that was the main issue — was there something special meant to be done for Norton users?

    I assumed if they didn’t know about this or had to get info they’d tell me they were contacting Norton. They didn’t. They ignored my email. In the meantime things were so bad with what I’d contracted that I had to reformat the computer (I’d looked up some of the names of viruses I had as well as some hints for things I may not have thought of in my tired state after working on my computer all week due to these nightmares). I couldn’t even repair or reinstall Windows or do anything within the settings that worked. Very long technical stories with that. So reformatting it was. I lost a lot of mail data that had not been backed up due to an error I made the week before, but luckily have everything else backed up.

    In the meantime I decided to purchase a Mac as I was fed up and decided I’d take friends’ recommendations up and would give it a go. As I was piecing my PC back together to give to a family member, I wrote VPN UK again. I gave them more info and told them what had happened. I made it clear that I did not hold them responsible, that I wanted to work with them to figure this out and that I wanted answers. I listed out some questions about PCs, Macs and Norton regarding their service. I received a response this time….a lecture telling me that their service is safe, Norton is no good (and I should use a different program that they rec’ed to me), and my system is only as safe as the protections I have in place. GEEZ! How insulting!

    I wrote back, mentioned a ranking in PC World mag tests that Norton has, mentioned AGAIN that I had 3 different protection programs in place at the start — now 4, and again repeated what happened, the info about the logs, etc. I got no response. The next day I saw them online in their live help service, but I knew I was being ignored purposely. I canceled my account and sent an email saying why. I told them that I understood losing one customer didn’t matter much to them I’m sure, but any customer should matter, and they should be concerned about anything odd that happens in conjunction with their service, esp for a customer who had lost hundreds of dollars due to their service, yet still wanted to work with them to find a solution. I told them I understood many reasons why they’d want to sweep this under the rug, but it was just poor all around.

    I figure that if you have a simple solution they’ll help. If you have something big or something they may fear may get them in trouble even if it was a freak thing or something they simply don’t know about (they told me they know nothing about Norton, yet on their help page they do have info on adding their service to the accepted list on Norton’s Firewall settings). However, this is one of the most horrendous experiences I’ve had in 20 years of using computers and one of the most disgusting customer service experiences I’ve ever had. The lack of concern and the “not me!” running away makes this a service I’d tell anyone to back away from.

    The funny part is that later that night (since I’m on a bare bones PC setup while waiting for the Mac and can afford losses if I had any), I tried another VPN service that dials in a totally different way (not a direct dialer like VPN UK). Norton blocked this repeatedly and the logs show it. That strengthened my feelings that something odd with the dialer VPN UK provides “tricks” Norton into thinking you’ve logged off your regular host. I experienced the odd thing where I couldn’t send mail while connected to VPN UK, so I wonder what special settings (if any?) or other solution there was to all of this. Something tells me that a little bit of time, communication, and effort on the part of this company could have helped not only me but other customers who may have problems. Not everyone is watchful of computer security. Many people go around knowing they have spyware, viruses or other problems and just decide to ignore them as they don’t understand it or can’t remove it (I can think of two acquaintances right now who fit this). I’d not be surprised if I’m one of a few with this problem. Who knows. All I know is that the customer service level of this company is severely lacking unless it’s a very very simple problem they don’t have to think about. What a shame.

  6. alison stevens says:

    The service from vpnuk is simply fantastic, I love it! I’ve been a client for about 6 months and will not have a bad word said about them! They are responsive to enquiries, professional and above all else have an outstanding vpn service compared to others I have had the misfortune to use!

    I pay £6.50 for a UK account that gives me a dynamic IP, I use it to watch TVCatchup, bbciplayer and 4od without any problems, the speed is brilliant! I’ve recommeded vpnuk to all of my friends and they love it as much as I do!

    a few of the other reviews here are a joke! I give Mr. Marsden 1 star for his review, it’s just laughable! he obviously knows nothing about this company!

    As for the last review from Jennifer, it beggers belief? if norton av didnt like the connection software they offer as an optional extra why didnt you just setup the connection using the windows network wizard like they actually recommend.

    I would urge anyone looking for a very good vpn service to give vpnuk a try, they are the best!

  7. Serge says:

    Very reliable and fast service that enables me to watch and download programs as though I were in the UK. I can only think that the people having problems with this service dont quite understand the tech or how to implement it properly- unless of course a once poor, unreliable service, has suddenly and drastically turned itself around in the last few months I’ve been using it 😉
    I thoroughly reccomend it!

  8. Richard B says:

    I’ve tried six UK VPN providers and so far this is the best. It is the only one that allowed me to watch live UK TV with http://www.tvcatchup.com without any buffering issues.

    I still can’t stream HD without it looking jerky but hopefully as the technology improves this will be resolved. Normally I get a 7MB download and an average of 2 1/2 MB streaming download.

    Keep up the good work VPNUK!!!

  9. Peter Lindblom says:

    My previous proxy provider stopped it’s service or are “undergoing maintenance”. My whole weekend was shot as I was about to watch Formula 1 on BBC (I only use the service for watching Formula !)
    VPNUK was actually my third choice as they didn’t offer a free trial without payment. First I tried one VPN provider with 48 hour trial, so slow you couldn’t even watch at 496bps, the second has suspended the free trial service during the World Cup. So in the end I ended up with VPNUK, and it’s absolutely outstanding!!! Streams without a glitch at 1500bps.

  10. Terry says:

    I used to use vpnuk last year when they were very cheap also allowed 6 servers for £7 a month but that has gone this year its back to a poor 1 server for £7 (700% increase in real terms). I decided to try them again for a month but have cancelled after only 3 days as I was fed up with password/username not accepted,frequent disconnections, erratic streaming speeds overall pretty poor.
    I will stick with the other provider I use which is far better.
    I just don’t know how all these vpn service providers get away with such poor service and it’s time they were regulated.

  11. Sue says:

    I’ve used VPNUK.net for a year now with two other people sharing. It’s been an excellent service. There have been the occasional glitches, but their top-notch chat support service has resolved glitches every time and in a timely manner. Yes, the prices have gone up, but we still feel it’s a good price for good service. I highly recommend!

  12. john sinclair martin wright says:

    Now before anyone takes issue with my comments I have to explain that I am a complete novice in most things IT, techie etc etc. I came to Danny after being let down by my previous provider who just stopped providing. A friend on a football Forum advised me to contact VPNUK. I live on Tenerife and am virtually housebound due to extreme ill health so getting tv in my mother tongue came as a huge improvement to my life. In the eighteen months being with VPNUK twice I have a problem but both times this was resolved almost immediately (one in under 60 mins and the other in a couple of hours, the problem being my Bank!). In fact the service I get is without doubt the most which I could expect for the small amount of monthly payments. I do have technical probs. here due to irregular internet speeds available on the Island and I am on a shared telephone line, to boot.
    Now, with all the problems I should have, can the detractors above please explain how I even get any UK telly? I have never had the pleasure of reading so much crap as written by poster “Jennifer”. Could it be that she really does not know as much as she thinks she does, about computers and in particular, the service given by VPNUK? I have personally recommended this company to a number of friends, something which I would never do unless I myself were totally satisfied.

  13. Mari says:

    An excellent service, with (usually)very fast speeds and a very responsive support desk. I have had the same problems as Hillman (reviewer 1) with ip address recycling every 60 minutes – but that is caused by the settings on the modem provided by my ISP (Verizon)- NOT by VPNUK. This would probably happen with any VPN. Once I figured that out, I set the wireless network hub to give me a fixed IP address, and I can watch my UK TV in peace.

    There is a recent problem since Fri Aug 13th (now Aug 19th 2010) – where the VPNUK speeds have dropped to .31 mbps between 1AM and 2AM UK time – which is too slow to stream video. I have contacted VPNUK to see if they can resolve the problem.

  14. VPN Client 4 USA/UK says:

    I started using VPNUK since August 2010 and I am extremely satisfied with the service. I connect to the UK and the US to watch TV programs. I have stayed connected up to 12 hours at a time without any glitch. Contrary to what the previous reviews state, I never experienced any of these problems, I can watch a program uninterrupted and I wonder if they don’t have a bad internet provider that does not give enough broadband for their use.
    I will thus recommand VPN UK for the reliability of its services.

  15. Jonathan Blankley says:

    I have used these guys twice over the past couple of years. I cancelled both times because of poor network performance.

    I have a 25Mbit connection with low latency. I can stream at full bandwidth from other UK sites, but if I have to use VPNUK it throttles it to 2Mbit. This is fine for TV, but only if the latency is low, and the bandwidth is continuous. Unfortunately, the stream stutters making iPlayer unwatchable at peak times – preciesly when I want to watch it.

    Switched to another VPN provider, and no more issues.

  16. peterH says:

    Maybe its a technical issue on my side, but I am only getting 0.13 Mbps upload on an Internet connection of 3 Mbps. To be fair, some issue with iPAD is choking this to 1.3 Mbps when open – but the VPN speed is still only one quarter of that. I tested with OOKLA.

  17. peterH says:

    Correction to previous post – “upload” should be “download”

    “Maybe its a technical issue on my side, but I am only getting 0.13 Mbps download on an Internet connection of 3 Mbps. To be fair, some issue with iPAD is choking this to 1.3 Mbps when open – but the VPN speed is still only one quarter of that. I tested with OOKLA.”

  18. VPNUK Support says:

    We appreciate comments and feedback of our service on comparison sites like this, both good and bad. However, we are not able to rectify client side issues if we are not made aware of them. VPNUK urge all clients to use the official Live Help and support on the VPNUK website if there are any issues with connections.

    Our expert support team will help resolve all issues instantly on Live Help, you can also use our support ticketing system or telephone us.

    Thank you
    VPNUK Support

  19. Stephanie says:

    After exhausting other VPNs and getting infuriated with one provider, I shopped around and spent money in hopes of finding just one, working VPN with a server that would let me watch Italy’s Rai TV. My search eventually led me to VpnUK. When I was able to connect, I cheered. I literally felt like jumping up and and down. Whenever I’ve needed help, VpnUK’s support staff was there to walk me through my problems, even taking over my PC for me in order to help me connect. They’re great, patient and helpful. My only two caveats is I’d wish they’d give us more server choices instead of two (especially considering I pay US Dollars for their service, which means I pay more). I also wish they would fix the problem with their chat support and have it go faster. Other than that, great service.

  20. Jimmy says:

    First,I was living in Asia. Hope this helps someone.

    I was using ibVPN(torrent plan) for about 3 month,it disconnect a lot
    of time. I think this is vexatious,so I move to this VPN – “VPNUK.info”.

    SPEED) The speed are not bad. Better than ibVPN.
    STATIC IP PLAN) They give me a static IP,so I can set up my server from
    school etc.
    Stability) No connection drop (using PPTP).
    Support) I use chat support once,they respond very quickly.

    Nothing really… at this time.

    I’m thinking to buy another VPN for my main PC.
    Time to say goodbye to ibVPN.

  21. Simon says:

    Just tried the dedicated VPN in the uk so I could watch iplayer. Fine at 8 in the morning where I am (UAE) dreadful in the afternoon to early evening, so slow as to be useless, I keep getting not enough bandwidth messages, so I don’t think their servers are up to the increased traffic at that time of day, or they are throttling it because there are too many users. Unless you’ve got a big time difference to the UK or you can watch TV at stupid o’clock I wouldn’t bother with this Company. When I asked for help they gave me some links to try and get into my computer to see what was wrong. They didn’t work so they just resent my ip and password details- no use.

  22. Jan den Dolder says:

    I am using their vpn service for nearly two years now. I am very satisfied. The three servers I am using are (nearly) always very quick, hardly any difference with a strait connection. I had a minor issue with paypal subscription which was not handled very well. But it also had to do with my regularly changing of debitcards on paypal.

    The main reason I am using vpnuk is that they make very clear statements in their terms that they don’t monitor and they don’t give data to third parties.

  23. esp europe says:

    A waste of time. Live chat never answers. It’s another OpenVPV scam. KEEP WELL CLEAR!

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