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VPNSecure offer US,UK and AU VPN service, they offer both PPTP and SSL VPN(OpenVPN) service.

VPNSecure is an Australia based VPN company, these guys knows a-z about the Australia local network, so if you located in the AU and you wanna keeping your local internet or WiFi connection safe, you definitely should register with them.

VPNSecure’s rates is pretty reliable, PPTP VPN just $6 per month, for SSL(OpenVPN), only need $8 per month. if you wanna use both PPTP and OpenVPN, you can have a $12 per month PPTP&OpenVPN package.

Please attention, VPNSecure PPTP VPN service only available on their US server, and their AU server has bandwidth limitation. they accept AlertPay and Paypal.

VPNSecure recommend their seven day $2 trial offer to test their services.feel free to try their service,

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Customer Reviews

3 Reviews to “VPNSecure”
  1. frederick says:

    I found vpnsecure.me shortly after it started and am extremely pleased with the actual service and its support team.

    At less than the cost of a single cup of coffee per month, one is provided with a solid vpn to a location of one’s choice (UK : USA : Australia)

    I see no evidence of speed loss and I particularly like the ability to renew my subscription every month. I am a control freak and am aware that some other services (not necessarily vpn) make it very difficult to stop one’s subscription.

    There were initial problems with remote servers and datacentres but vpnsecure.me team quickly to let me know of a problem and rapidly fixed it.

    Given excellent overall performance I shall be happy to stay with this lot.

  2. Dave says:

    I purchased VPNSecure after trying to get a working secure openvpn connection from FOUR other providers who mostly tried to resolve the problem but could not get openvpn to work on my computer (the problem was with my computer not their service). VPNSecure customer service was brilliant and had me up and running after a couple of days. The service, cost,connection speed and reliability are all excellent. I strongly recommend them.

  3. Mike says:


    VPNSecure.me has to be one of the best new VPN services around. Outstanding customer support and fully customized, user friendly OpenVPN interface. You’re able to view your bandwidth usage right from the application with quick access to popular services offered on the servers (Hulu, CBS, Fox Soccer etc.).

    The speed is as good as any.

    There are optional Dedicated IP plans which many newer services do not provide.

    Since they’re an Australian company, there are also Australian servers available which is rare among most other VPN services as well.

    A VPN service is a mandatory layer of security alongside Firewalls and Antivirus Software. With VPNSecure.me, as stated by customer support, you are also behind a NAT (Network Access Translation) Firewall at no optional/extra cost.


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