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Why VPNProNet.com?

  • American Based Unique Personal Fixed IP
  • 128bit PPTP encrypted VPN Connection Service
  • Anonymous Internet Surfing
  • We make your IP address unlisted
  • All applications on your PC will be secure Voip, Skype, Aim, Icq, Email
  • Bypass geographical blocks from certain websites
  • Sniffers in public network will not get your passwords or private information
  • Complete Protection in WiFi Hotspots
  • High Speed access to any site or service
  • No need to check regularly (as proxy).VPN servers are available all the time

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Customer Reviews

31 Reviews to “VPNProNet”
  1. Andres N says:

    This guys offer great customer support, great pricing, different vpn package options, the vpn service is very fast, great company A++

  2. Josh Perkins says:

    Have been using quite few VPN companies, the worst of all the companies I have used is strongvpn.com if you want to stream movies or watch Internet Tv do not get this guys and save your self from lots of problems their support is simply very bad, also you must pay a setup fee there, save your self from a bad experience stay away from this guys, other companies I have used are:

    vpnpronet.com Excellent company, excelent service, very fast support, very good pricing, fast server, I have a very good experience with this guys.

    cienen.com Very good company, pricing ok, support good but take long time to reply their site say response within 4 hours but got a reply 12 hours later, overall good.

    flashvpn.com This is one of the cheapest companies but not the best, lots of problems with their service lots of down time, bad experience stay away.

    PureVPN.com Slow servers, very bad customer service, stay away.

    VPNGates.com Not the best, very bad support, seems like they dont care about their customers, stay away.

    blacklogic.com Overall good company pricy do.

    Hope this helps guys this is my personal review of the companies I have used.

  3. Raymond loggy says:

    This VPN Company is simply great, the VPN is fast and the service they offer is the best I have seen, this guys really care about their customers, if you want a good support and great service this is the VPN provider you want, A++++++

  4. John Thompson says:

    I have bought the VPN service they offer and the service and customer support is simply fantastic, this VPN provider is very good and service speed is great !

  5. John Thompson says:

    Forgot to provide my review qualifications.

  6. Pete Digacio says:

    Cant ask for better service than this guys, simply great, fast connection, and their support is very fast, great service and support fully recomended.

  7. Carlos Perez says:

    I tried their cheap vpn accounts just wanted to test them out, and wow the VPN was very fast.

  8. Butch says:

    Recently got burned by FindNot so I started VPN shopping. Very sad offerings out there. Looked at Comodo TrustConnect, then at section 2.5 in Terms and Conditions. Wow.

    http://www.comodo.com/repository/terms.html “2.5 By submitting content or information through the Comodo Site, you grant to Comodo a nonexclusive royalty free, unlimited, irrevocable and fully assignable and sublicensable right to reproduce, use, modify, publish, adapt, create derivative works of, translate, distribute, and display such content and/or information in whatever manner Comodo deems fit. By submitting any information, you represent and warrant that such information is accurate and that the use of such content and/or information does not violate the rights of any third party or cause injury to any person or entity.”

  9. Mike Booth says:

    You can only pay with “registered paypal” or liberty Reserve.
    I tried to sign up for Liberty Reserve, but it was like being on a “Get Smart” movie in the cone of silence.

    I really wanted to try the service but only have a few hours to dedicate to their money hoops. I have the money, just not the time to do that much leap through that many hoops. Strange, but paypal paid them, then I got a refund.
    Sorry but your VPN Order cuold not be process, we can not take payments from PayPal Unregistered or Unverified accounts, your PayPal account must be verified, we also offer a payment trough Liberty Reserve if you pay this way no verification is required all you need to do is go to http://www.libertyreserve.com and open an account place funds in it and make your payment in our website.


    Chris N

  10. Mike says:

    Slow, buggy, not very good for everyday use.

  11. Foster says:

    Cienen.com – Good connection, speed varies sometimes. Good if used during off hours.

    VPNGates.com – Bad for me, keeps dropping line, high latency.

    Purevpn.com – Nice support, fast connectivity – They do offer alternate servers if there is any issue. For me its Purevpn the best!

    HotSpotShield – Since it got blocked by Hulu, I no more use it.

  12. Brett Davis says:

    This is the best VPN super fast super A++ Support SUPER SUPER SUPER, pricing simply great.

  13. TheOnlyWayToShhh says:

    I signed up based on reviews from this and other sites… Well, account was closed four hours later. They said I gave false information when subscribing.

    Firstly, maybe there was a mistake – but they never contacted me.

    Second, I logged in and double checked everything – address, phone #, EVERYTHING is accurate and true. AND I paid with a VERIFIED Paypal account. They refuse to tell me what they think is false.

    I have had the same address for both personal and business purposes for years.

    Where is that great customer service everyone is talking about??? I didnt get it, thats for sure.

    .1 star

  14. Walter Eggars says:

    Customer service was great, but zero on tech help. It changed my IP here in China but did nothing to unblock the sites. Given the high ratings of others I guess it isn’t useless, but after 2 days of telling them my problems with real help I just got a refund, which they quickly issued.

  15. Nancy Timothy says:

    I ordered the service and within 5 minutes got the login information tested the account and no problems at all, its fast so far so good no complains, good service.

  16. Bob Hunt says:

    I have only been with VnpProNet now, a little less that a week, but the service seems good, speed is up to par, or more compared to the “free” services. For now I’d give them a A+++ rating.
    The only disappointment I had was when I wanted to log in to ask a question, the server was down. How often is this going to happen? This is something I wouldn’t expect for this type of service, but I will give them the benefit of doubt, and see how quickly it returns.

  17. Noel Perez says:

    Excellent service with a good cost steady connection no down time recommended 100%

  18. Tedd Jungans says:

    Happy with the service good support fast connections, finally found a good company that offers support

  19. Anonymouse says:

    It’s unfortunate that I didn’t actually stick with them, but I wanted to review VPNProNet and say what a good service and amazing customer support they have, but why it just didn’t work out for me.

    I’m trying to use the service in Asia as an American expat. Wanted to watch Hulu and Netflix and the like. Unfortunately, all their servers are located in just the wrong places so that latency is just too high to use streaming services. It may work for you wherever you are, but didn’t work for me.

    However, after figuring out that it wouldn’t work for me, they were gracious enough to refund my money. The service is fine, and I’m assuming is fast when you are in the right place, but just didn’t work for me. Customer service is great and prompt. Definitely give it high marks, but unfortunately couldn’t stick with them.

  20. Charles Wathieu says:

    Since I have been using this guys everything has been good no bandwidth limitation, and the cost is pretty good, not a lot of companies now days offer unlimited bandwidth the VPN is fast and reliable overall very good.

  21. yong li says:

    fantastic vpn i am now able to see facebook and Hulu with no hazel this is good for chise pople very good

  22. tachidito says:

    purchased the vpn from them because wanted to see hulu in japan works just great able to see all my shows now good work

  23. teress says:

    the best election i have made so far stable connection no drops like other places and pricing good reliable service

  24. Anna says:

    Best VPN service provider ever. Have used other VPN services were they have poor customer service and connection and when you ask for help they dont even seem to try to help.
    I purchased 6 month plan a month ago and the quality is amazing and the setup videos make everything much easier.

  25. Orelndo R says:

    read Vpnpronet feedback a month ago and immediately had to try it! Awsome service with easy set-up and use!

  26. Sung Lee says:

    Bought VPNpronet from china for traveling purposes and the service is OUTSTANDING!!! THANK U

  27. HT says:

    I’ve been using witopia for 2 years until it got blocked recently in china. Based on the reviews here, I tried VPNProNet. I was able to connect to their server, but I could not access the internet at all after connection. Their support was non-existent. After a few hours of trying I gave up. Then they slapped me with a cancellation fee and pointed me to their terms and conditions webpage.

    I do not recommend this vendor. Find a vendor that will give you a refund in case things don’t work out. This vendor is unprofessional and has the feel of a garage startup. YMMV.

  28. Sunny says:

    Bought their VPN Service 3 months ago and they are great. 5 stars

  29. Ferrari Duttse says:

    Best VPN connection from my country!

  30. Davit says:

    In general openvpn has been messy because you need to place your certs and in a different folder.. don’t like that I am not a really techy person but here everything was straight forward with the install no need to do any of those kind of things all worked out right after installation this is what I like things that simply work.

  31. Jasica says:

    I used so many companies for vpn but want to say that http://www.vpnpronet.com is the best service provider in setup vpn, vpn network, vpn appliance, vpn solutions.

    I want to say Thanks to Tony for all these…. Tony done very good and great job .. I wan totally disappointed from my last vpn services but http://www.vpnpronet.com give be best service….. highly recommended this to everyone.


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