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* Anonymous VPN Service
* USA and Canadian IPs
* Unlimited Bandwidth
* No Shaped Channel

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Customer Reviews

15 Reviews to “VPNprivacy”
  1. Alec Rishert says:

    I have been using VPN Privacy for several months. This is pretty good vpn service. First I had some troubles trying to set up vpn on my computer but support helped me to resolve the problem. What I can add more? Friendly and professional support, great service, not too expensive, fast speed. So as a summary – I can recommend you this vpn service.

  2. JIJI says:

    VPNprivacy is good except its ugly website,lol…

  3. Chris says:

    I neen vpn to play online poker. I’m using VPN Privacy vpn service to stay anonymous online. Good service. I like it. Several server – USA and Canada and you can choose any.

  4. Xu says:

    I live in Chine and like to play online games. I use vpn service to play online games with american IP adress. VPN Privacy in pretty good anonymous vpn with polite support and funny website :)))

  5. Ghulam says:

    I use vpn service to access some site that are blocked in my country. VPN Privacy is pretty good vpn service. However sometimes their billing can approve your offer too long. But you can speed up the process with support which is not bad.

  6. Ghulam says:

    I would rank vpn privacy as very good one.

  7. Daniel says:

    Most of the reviews above are probably fake, because they have a link to vpnprivacy’s website, always with the same anchor text : “vpn service”. It is a common search engine optimization technique. I guess those reviews are written by the owner of vpnservice.com.

  8. Ben says:

    I have used vpnprivacy since last December (2008). At first, I accidentally signed up for the Canadian IP address, but after I emailed them, they informed me the US VPN details. I tested them for 1 month against another VPN, which was also fine, but a little slower, so I chose to keep vpnprivacy. I’m on a fiber line in Japan and going through the VPN cuts my speed significantly, but I can watch blocked US content (online TV) without much delay. I signed up for a full year 10 months ago and unless I have any troubles, will probably renew.

  9. scorpion says:

    I’ve been using this VPN service for a few days now and I must say that they are pretty good. Nice speed, though I do get a few dropouts occasionally.
    Overall they aren’t bad at all. Would recommend them.

  10. Rich Poinvil says:

    Thank you. Great service. Will use next time I am in Europe.
    I’ve already got someone that lives there to use it.

  11. Kal says:

    VPNPrivacy keeps log (activity) files on their servers for 5 days. After that the log files are deleted from servers.
    They say its for traffic monitoring purposes

  12. Harold Schmidt says:

    I have used them for a month.
    The tech support is great . my line was dropped one time in the month i was on it.
    I did not notice any slow speeds but i don’t have high speeds where i live.
    I will properly renew.
    The cost is high $140 a year is three times what the competitors get.
    Even Microsoft know you can move a 100 times more product at less than a $100.00
    that is why you see all upgrade to window less than $100.00

  13. VPN Privacy says:

    2Harold Schmidt:

    We always try to keep high quality of service.
    And we are doing this for over 3 years.
    We are always ready to provide a special offer to our customers.
    You can review our summer sales – http://www.vpnprivacy.com/summer.html which started from June 1 until the end of the summer.

  14. Ann says:

    I use vpnprivacy.com for anonymous torrent downloads. I like their support. The speed is quite good for me but it depends on your location. Good service. I can recommend it.

  15. Ann says:

    I like this vpn provider for its fast speed and good support. They help me to resolve the problems with vpn.

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