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We offer the fastest VPN service available. Only 30 clients per server. You will get full broadband speed with us.!

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Customer Reviews

39 Reviews to “VPNmaster”
  1. James Edwards says:

    This is the best vpn service I have ever seen. Very fast.

  2. Henry Johnson says:

    I am very happy with their service.

  3. scorpion says:

    I’ve used these guys and yes they’re pretty good, great speeds.
    Can occasionally disconnect though but it’s no biggie.

  4. Omar Shafiq says:

    Very fast and stable.

  5. taner topcu says:

    thanks to the this service. it is useful, fast and reliable.

  6. Jason Manson says:

    I got very nice speed results.

  7. jany says:

    the worst speed most of the time

  8. Ahmed Arif says:

    I live in Dubai and I am very satisfied with VPNMaster. The speed is very good.

  9. Yvan says:

    Service is good, speed is good, but support is a major con for this provider. When I subscribed for 1 month for the service, I used it for a day and found some network related issue on my end and requested a refund. They never replied to me (I waited 1 week), so I had to turn to Plimus and file a Refund request, which they did a few days after.

    I referred this provider to a friend, because I believed it had really good servers. He used it for a month, and after the month expired, his service simply stopped working. We assumed that the service has ended since we didn’t renew it, but 3 days after, he got billed for another month without any notice or new information regarding his service being resumed. He asked for a refund and they say that it was too late. Way to go, VPNMaster…

  10. seelybee says:

    The support before I purchased a 12 month subscription was excellent, with almost instant responses to my questions. Post purchase, I cannot get a response at all to my queries about why the service is not delivering as promised.
    This is really disappointing and I feel quite let down. The only good thing is the cost, which is very low, but a lot of money if I end up having to subscribe to a competitor as well to get the service I need.
    Hope this is just a glitch on the part of VPNMaster – so if you read this please put things right!!

  11. Ahmed Mohan says:

    I live in Dubai and I am very happy with VPNMaster. Their support is great and their speed is awesome.

  12. Mehmet Gursoy says:

    I am very happy with their connection speeds. It is very fast and connection never drops. They have 7/24 support which is also very good.

  13. Susan Mayder says:

    Finally I can use Skype. I am very happy today 🙂

  14. jessica vega says:

    I live in Argentina, and I have to say connection speeds are amazing. When I called customer support I was greeted in a very friendly and helpful way

  15. Roger Jolly says:

    The service is very good, the customer support helped me a lot. It’s fast and efficient, i really appreciated.

  16. James Walter says:

    the customer service is quite good and effective too.. i could get my issues solved immediately.. and the connection is very fast though if u forget the very occasional drops in between. 🙂

  17. Cemil Sensoz says:

    I received my account details very fast and the service is very good so far!

  18. Thomas says:

    in my country , many websites was blocked duo government restriction
    but with vpnmaster services i was forget all restriction
    now all websites open quickly and i was surf like bird
    high quality servers with good support
    **Admin of cll1.com

  19. Shardul Mahadik says:

    I bought a VPN today and i must say that their speeds are better than the other services i have used before.
    There were also no connection drops. 🙂
    And their value for money is also better than the others.

  20. nullbyte says:

    I received my account today. Very fast service, very stable and very good! Highly recommended to anyone seeking a good VPN!

  21. Haroon Hameed says:

    I must say I was a bit uncomfortable buying account at the start due to my previous bad experiences with other VPN Providers but I must tell you this service is Absolutely Awesome.

    It is really easy to setup and its really fast as well so anybody even newbies can set it up within 1 minute overall its the most recommended VPN Service from me.

  22. khan khalid says:

    As a matter of fact the logic of the VPN working, but in fact can not be all that different routes over the dsl systems, satellite links, cable net structures, two points are different points on the lines leasd line is run on the same network. Consider the following two separate offices in two different countries and between them have set up a sub-net vpn will want to be up here. Vpn on the same network to share files, as well as us working inside the lotus note or similar derivative of the Microsoft Exchange If you have a software vpn forced to give them access to it will find the safest way.

  23. marra says:

    good that it was fast and very easy for new users to comprehend, it was user friendly. service is reliable and there are no drops in connections and that i like on it best. it is now easier to open and browse different kinds of websites.i enjoy my surfing time in the net.

  24. kh.hasan says:

    In my country , many websites was blocked due to government restriction.
    But with vpnmaster services i can bypass all restrictions
    now. All websites open quickly and I can surf like a high quality server with good support. Thanks for the service.

  25. bonafid48 says:

    As a new VPN service is a really nice of his working policies. I fiend nothing wrong yet. Though sum problem i faces but is too simple.One advise is that a site should be more descriptive so that a new user of the site can use all their service comfortable. And this site able to reach its level in this requirement. Thanks

  26. jerry bolduc says:

    This is the worst vpn service I have ever had…dropped youtube numerous times…you have to stay right on this guy (from a foreign country) or you’re connections will be slower than molasses in January!! Worst VPN service ever!!!

  27. mustafa says:

    the vpnmaster they are good but in service they are very bad every time when happens any problem the answer is (Your account is suspended because of non payment. You can place a new order
    at http://www.vpnmaster.com) the answer thy know

  28. Lita says:

    I think I do something wrong to join with the Vpnmaster, since they aren’t really master of it. They promise me, their service are perfectly works in China. But, for this 2 months, I’ve lot of troubles with them. so slow, sometimes the Vpn suddenly disconnected and unable to connect it again. I send email many times, but no one reply my complain. So, I just can’t use it now… no one help me out.. poor huh!

  29. NCISI says:

    This service is a scam, and we have reported it the the United States government to be shut down at once.

    You have been warned

  30. kim says:

    I had great luck with this service for over 15 months. Suddenly,
    the last week I could no longer reach their server. Unanswered emails,
    phone calls, wasted time and money trying to find out whats happen with this company. // Potencial customers .. save your money // Research other prospects .. as this is a dead end.

  31. Bohdan says:

    I’ve purchased a monthly plan from vpnmaster.com. They e-mailed me my account will be ready in 48 hours. It wasn’t. They didn’t send me login/password, they didn’t reply to my letters to support. Their 24/7 technical support actually was an auto-reply. I’m sad.

  32. Jordan says:

    I have been using VPNMaster since 2009. I am happy with their service but sometimes they are slow on answering support tickets. Nevertheless they are the cheapest one!

  33. Lin says:

    I live in China and need a reliable VPN service and I do understand the challenges that firewall can present. In the last week, I have been unable to connect more than able. I wrote the support staff seven days ago and have received nothing at all from them since then. If you need a reliable and responsive service, look elsewhere.

  34. Ayman says:

    Very bad service, and customer service is crap. And the refund is a lie. I asked for refund from the first day and for almost 2 weeks they never reply my mails after I subscribed.
    Take care a lot because most of good reviews here is from them.

    Last notice, when you contact online agent and s/he tells you “Don’t worry”, It means YOU REALLY NEED TO WORRY!

  35. justin says:

    Customer service is very poor they keep telling you to so the same steps over and over even if they havent worked the first 20 times. Speed was poor because the program never did work for me. Aparently it was not compatible since I never got to use the program. And last overall poor because once you find out the program doesn’t work for you they will not refund your money.

  36. ed says:

    Tried to set it up with an online Chat agent, was the most aggravating, useless and time wasting experience I have ever had setting something up on the internet.

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