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VPNinja is a virtual private network service that allows users to bypass corporate/government firewalls, creating anonymous access to the entire Internet. VPNinja currently offers PPTP and OpenVPN service.

This is a very cool website, i like their idea and design, the biggest advantage is they have weekly subscription offers, it’s really reliable. and all of their offers have no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

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  1. Tony Luce says:

    VPNinja is a great VPN service. While the price of the service is slightly higher than competitive services, VPNinja offers two concurrent connections, meaning I can share this with my friends when needed (this comes in handy living in China and having the occasional visitor come by). It also means I’m getting 2 connections for the price of one, so the fact that it’s a little more expensive makes sense.

    From a speed standpoint – I’m able to view Hulu, Youtube, and other streaming media services from the states pretty well. The crux point here is that my local connection speed determines whether or not the streaming works well – VPNinja adds very little to no latency in the connection and download speeds on it are great – I’ve tested it out at speedtest.net and speeds on and off the VPN are virtually the same.

    From a usability point of view, VPNinja offers PPTP and OpenVPN support. PPTP works great on iPhone. I also have an android HTC Desire and VPNinja offers a dedicated Android server for Android users – so no problem there either.

    From a support point of view – VPNinja responds personally to support requests over email, gchat, and Skype. So there’s no problem getting in contact with them.

    Very solid overall – glad to be a user.

  2. JJ says:

    VPNinja has worked well for me in China. Dual logins allowed means I can have both my phone and laptop on at the same time. My account was up and running in less than an hour of sign-up and the VPN has so allowed access to all sites I’ve visited till now. The speed has been consistent the up-time for the service so far has been 100%.
    Pricing is not the cheapest out there, but worth it for the simultaneous login.

  3. Rosa says:

    I’ve been using VPNinja for over half a year now and it’s been extremely reliable. Speed is inconsistent depending on the connection I’m on but I’m glad it lets me access any website, especially when in China. Excellent customer service, and I liked that I could set it up on both my laptop and phone.

  4. Richard says:

    Been using VPNinja for over 6 months now and have used it in many countries to get around blocked websites or to keep my bank details totally private when I am on wifi or in hotels – in China the speed was very good compared to other vpns I tried, outside China the speed was extremely fast – allowing streaming of BBC iplayer with no interruptions.

    I have even been able to use VPninja in hotels where it was not possible to get a clear Skype call (I guess the hotel disrupting Skype channels) and carry reasonably good video conference.

    I use Vpninja on my computer and Iphone so handy to have the two connections at once available.


    Speed and reliability – Excellent (although a little slower in China, but think this affect all VPN.
    Price and Service – Really good

    Negative – not much to say

    Would recommend to anyone.

  5. Yan Pan says:

    Have been using VPNinja for 6 months. I am really happy about the overall VPNinja service. Super fast, and very stable. The great thing about it is I can even use it on my iPhone. It connects two devices. Now I am able to search the entire internet wherever I go. The price is really reasonable,too. I use it on my Mac, my phone, and on top of that, I can even share my count with a friend. Also, the VPNinja service support is very professional and fast, which is another plus. Good stuff.

  6. Jenny says:

    VPNinja’s awesome and so are the Ninjas themselves. My first VPN was Freedur and they suck in every single aspect compared to the VPNinjas.

  7. Opo says:

    Working in LatinAmerica and dealing with IP restrictions on websites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc is not a problem anymore. I paid for one year subscription and believe me the VPNINJA works without a problem. I use my iPad2 and my iPhone 4 at the same time and works perfectly.
    I strongly recommend this service if you are overseas and want to use the USA websites sevices without any problem

  8. sophia bunnel says:

    I have been in china for almost 3months now, using VPNinja from the first week, through a recommendation of a work colleague. It is Fast, Reliable, and the customer Service is GREAT! would recommend to anyone visiting a country with website blocks occurring.

  9. Jetta says:

    Two connections at the same time is what sealed the deal for me. I can use VPNinja on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 at the same time. It’s really fast and stable, and still one of the cheapest out there. I strongly recommend using this one if you need a VPN anywhere in the world!

  10. eye of the beholder says:

    vpninja constantly disconnects when i first started. streaming porn site is awsome during night time in china. Facebook can be a bit slow. The internet speed goes up and down and its never stable comparing other VPN service. As we speak i cant even logon to vpninja right now. Dont know why the people here give it high rating. Probably employee of VPninjas. Bottom line is its not a good price for this kind of VPN service

  11. Mr. Unhappy Client says:

    I agree with the last writer. This must be VPNinja employees writing the comments. The first poster definitely is an employee. Plus there is nothing recent, and things are getting worse.

    It takes days for them to respond to my requests for assistance, and then they give me the same answers. They also complain that I am not polite to them, and then insult me.

    Use another service.

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