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Connect from China to any website in the world, right now!

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Customer Reviews

21 Reviews to “VPNinChina”
  1. sam says:

    i use it, it’s a good service, and they have also a support in spanish and french.

  2. Eugenie says:

    I only want to say that they provide an excellent support for their customer. I encounter some issues to install the software but they reply my questions very fast.
    They are specialized for China and they know some specific tricks for china customers.

    So people in China don’t hesitate to use their service. It simply works… so far.

  3. michael w says:

    great service. i am in beijing and i use this vpn. had to asked them for one or two things, they reply quickly.

    They are knowledgable, fun, and they know chinese networks by heart.

    they should work on their website design though

  4. tiger says:

    i am in shenyang, used vpn in china too.
    connects to the us or europe.
    works fine. i never had to contact them.

    i am a heavy user of facebook and hulu, no problem.

  5. abn says:

    Be careful..
    vpninchina is one of the worst
    try it and then you will be regret.

  6. sarah says:

    i have been using it for the last 3 months. had no problem.
    i go on facebook everyday.

  7. Urs says:

    I tried VPN in China, but it simply does not work. Upon my complaint I got a response that the servers would be upgraded just now. But nothing changed, out of ten attempts I might successfully reach facebook only once!

    And the worst of all: They promise a money back guarantee, which they never intend to follow. I have written already many e-mails to them but simply get no feedback whatsoever. So i will have to recalaim my money thorugh the credit card company…

    Not to recommend!

  8. relight says:

    It works for some blocked websites but seldomly work work for facebook/twitter/youtube.

    I wouldn’t recommend this VPN service. I feel like being cheated because they forced me to pay for 3 years poor service, and they might disappear from the internet anytime.

  9. patrick says:

    i used it from beijing, and i have to say it gave me back my freedom.
    nice tool, very nice support. it works anytime properly.

    you have to take it for one year but then it’s the cheapest 3euros/ month
    totally worth it.

  10. angry says:

    support is zero.. all people saying different were either lucky or.. having a relationship with the so-called developers.
    i made a huge mistake paying for 1 year thinknig it was the vpn some friends used before.
    i can open my blog, and it’s the olny thing it opens.. and wordpress was actually not banned for a long time..
    all the rest, it simply does not work, except, and it is the kicker, in the three days trial!!
    stay away from this service!
    also no email response.. terrible!!! so angry..

  11. Swarup Dutta says:

    Its easy to operate but most of the time the speed is too slow. Sometimes for the facebook games I need to try for several times.

    Anyway, it was good to find this VPN provider in China and regain at least a part of my freedom for net use. Else the extent of net blockage in China is really terrible.

  12. blah says:

    it worked when i first downloaded it in september.

    it hasnt worked for me in 2 months now, though.

    worst of all, they NEVER respond to my email queries.

    perhaps my computer has a problem ? can anyone help me? i paid for a year and the vpn program still says “connected to IP… ” but all blocked websites are still blocked for me…….

  13. Sucker says:

    I feel like a sucker here. vpninchina is a rip off. No where are you able to get your 3 days money back guarantee.

    Does not work in China. Can not get into facebook or other sites that is blocked in China.

    Comments are filtered so only the good things are said on their site.

    Regret that I joined their service.

  14. Jock says:

    Agree with last 2 contributors.
    There has been no access to service for some weeks now (as of today Mar. 20, 2011), and there is no response from the service provider.
    I previously had service from another provider (Banana) which worked for a while, then stopped, but they worked with me to get-around; then when there were problems again, they searched for solutions before offering a full refund. So kudos to Banana VPN.
    As for VPNinChina? If seems they just take our money and run !

  15. Got ripped off says:

    This service sucks the big one. It does not work. They take your moeny and you do not get any service. Is there something we can do here ? Anyone know ?

    Do not use them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. waikikki says:

    Same here. Haven’t been able to connect for more than a week and no one replies to my e-mails. When everything was fine they used to reply within 24h, now – nothing. I paid for a year with my VISA. No idea if I can get my money back…

  17. spanish says:

    This service is the WORST VPN EVER, i paid a subscription and then i CAN´T access to http://www.vpninchina.com, i CANT install the VPN software … so, i cant use it

    I send several emails to a “gmail” account (support service), NO REPLY !!

    They are SCAMMERS, worst than censors in this country.

  18. neil says:

    Can anyone provide me with their phone number or email? The service hasn’t been working for sometime now an I want to contact them but their site itself also seems blocked/down.

  19. VPNinChina sucks says:

    I paid for a one year subscription, after about 3 months it stopped working and hasn’t worked since.

    I’ve emailed them many times, not even a response and certainly no refund which they state on their website.

    I’m really annoyed because I paid for this and they’ve offered not support and not kept up their end of the deal.

    DON’T use VPNinChina.com

  20. VPNinChina is the worst says:

    it has never been fast for me, yes it worked but its always been very very slow.. like 4kb/s… youtube never wants to load the videos or they take for ever.
    A friend recommended me this site, he always had a good performance and service as i’ve seen it. It seems just my account was maybe setup wrong.. who knows but it was rubbish.

  21. Tristanichiro says:

    Well, I’m a very unhappy client!! I mean it.
    I bought this product of them by Creditcard. And it did work fine in the beginning but then some crazy update appeared, and everything changed from that moment. I have send 10 emails to the company and never got a single email back! I wasted 40 euro’s on this!!!! I bought it for 1 year use. But didn’t even made a month!
    I can not even go to the website, http://www.vpninchina.com
    I see people who are happy with it, i would like to be one of them! but at this moment i’am serious not one of them! If you have some knowledge about this.. please help me out! I’m on a MAC btw. Thanks, and sorry for the rating, but its the truth for now. I will change it when it works!

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