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VPN software for online security

One of the lesser known options for online security and stability, there has been a bit of a resurgence in the VPN software world. Not nearly as popular as more traditional private VPN services and setups, there are still some uses for VPN software. Basically creating a secure system on your own computer, these offerings are often a lot cheaper than a monthly setup or a dedicated router, so it’s an interesting offering from that standpoint. But how does VPN software stack up against traditional products?

VPN software vs. Anonymizers

One of the more popular routes to almost instant privacy online (mostly because many of them are completely free of charge), the ugly truth of the matter is that many of these kinds of products don’t offer anywhere near the protection that they claim so boldly. In fact, it’s almost worse to use some of these popular services because of how poorly their built and designed – hackers and others know the vulnerabilities and will use your belief in the system to track every single movement you make using them. VPN software is almost always a better solution than even the highest touted offerings on the marketplace.

VPN software vs. Dedicated Services

This is where things get a little bit more tricky, because both setups offer essentially the same protection and service. VPN software is designed to create tunnel for you to anonymously operate on the internet, and all reputable VPN services will do the same. The major difference here of course is that all VPN software is locally based – meaning you’ll only be able to use it on the machines it’s installed on. If you need to use a VPN service on you cellphone or tablet without installing the VPN software, you’re out of luck. A web based VPN service costs more to operate over the long haul, but you can leverage its power on all of your devices – something to consider when you have multiple tools you’ll use to access the internet.

In the end the choice between using VPN software or another solution is completely personal and will only be able to be determined after assessing all of your needs. The fact of the matter is that in today’s modern world you cannot afford not to use some VPN solution to protect your privacy – so whether you trust the capabilities of a VPN software or use the likes of a dedicated online setup, you’ll need to get protection if you want to your sensitive data and activities to stay on your machine only.

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