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VPN service that works in China 2015

I’ve got an email from VyprVPN yesterday, they told me that their private VPN service was blocked by the Chinese government recently along with many other popular VPN services.

First, i have to say, it is not news that Chinese government block VPN service, i remember the Great Fire Wall started to blocked the VPN server ports back in 2-3 years, and i am not surprise that many established VPN service got confused why the hell my company got blocked and there are still so many China guys located in China can tweet in Twitter and post on Facebook.

The answer is the people in China mostly like to use what they called “SSH service” to unblock sites, this so called SSH service works good in China for a long time, i am located in China, i always use SSH service to unblock sites, oh i forget to tell you guys, this SSH service usually only works on browsers, that means any traffic go through the browser will use VPN server traffic, and of course you can define which browser you want to go through VPN server, e.g you have 2 browsers Firefox and Chrome, and you can set only Firefox use the VPN server, means you can visit blocked sites on Firefox, meanwhile the Chrome still use the local network, means you can not visit blocked sites on Chrome, but the local sites will load faster, this is the main reason people use this service instead of PPTP or OpenVPN in China.

There is not so many VPN service providers in the world provide this kind of service, because it is hard to let the desktop APPs traffic go through the VPN server, you need make specific setting on each APPs, so it is not that convenience compare to PPTP or OpenVPN, and mostly, there is no Great Fire Wall outside of China. the service i am currently use is Astrill.com , it is one of the few providers and it is an established company. you guys can check it around.

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