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VPN service provider that really don’t keep logs

Recently, torrentfreak.com sent a survey to the main VPN service provider to see which one take privacy seriously, interestingly, they got some feedbacks, check it here :

The data from TF were out of date, here we use the date from thebestvpn.com https://thebestvpn.com/118-vpns-logging-policy/ ,Thanks Boni from TheBestVPN.org

As you can see, there is no respond from some of the biggest VPN service providers, haha, that is very interesting, but, seriously, if you wanna use VPN to do things like torrent, you should know your choice.

In this blog post, i will not tell you which VPN service is GOOD for privacy, i will just share some of my opinions on privacy-protecting as a heavily, long year VPN service user and industry watcher.

1, you should know that GOVs hate privacy protecting, especilly when you do “bad” thing, so you must choose a VPN service that is not located in your very own country , better even not in a country who has good relationship with your own country. if you are in the US or UK , try VPN provider located in China or Russia

2,  you should fire an email to them before you order if you can’t make sure your activities is OK, be honest is good for both side

3, try pay your VPN service with a better payment method, the best choice is Bitcoin, there are many VPN service provider accept this payment now, it is real untrackable , if you don’t have Bitcoin, try E-wallet like Paypal, LR or something like that. i do not recommend use Credit Card to pay your VPN service.

4, when you wanna do things  anonymously, use the servers that is not located in the main countries,  usually, these countries do not care many complains, if the country don’t care complain, then your provider is safe, then your ass is safe too.

5, read some user VPN reviews in our site, the coutomers’ feedback is always the ture voice of the company