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VPN service is a must in the IPV6 network

Privacy is priceless, people try their best to protect their privacy. internet was a free land, yes, it was. now, it become more and more despotism. big companies ,governments, they all wants your privacy, they want track your internet activities so they can make sales on you or monitor you. in the current IPV4 network, no everybody can have a unique IP address, this not a good for tracking, but they still got methods to identify you. in the next generation network – IPV6 network, everybody can have a unique IP address, they can easily track your online activities which makes you naked on the internet, i’m 100% sure nobody like this.

So, a method to hide your internet activities is a must nowadays, using private VPN service is a easy way to do the job, your IP address will change to the VPN server’s IP address, no one can track you, also ,because the VPN connection is encrypted, they can not intercept your traffic and get your sensitive information, such as bank accounts

There are few VPN types in the market, i highly recommend OpenVPN, it is a SSL VPN solution, it has the strongest encryption. it is very useful when you use the public WiFi hot spot in the place like Starbucks.

One thing you should be noted is that not all the VPN service providers offer IPV6 VPN service, most of them only offer IPV4 VPN service, you should contact your provider first to make sure they have IPV6 VPN service package. And you should use the nearest VPN server from you, because it gives you better speed. Most of the VPN packages in the market are unlimited traffic package, that means you can use as much bandwidth as you can , however, they may restrict your speed, so, if you have 20Mbps internet connection, that not means you can get 20Mbps over VPN, usually you lose speed when you connected to VPN server, in my experience , you can get 1-5 Mbps, that is enough for most of your internet activities, such as surfing and video streaming .

Also attention, not all VPN server support P2P traffic like torrent, usually, VPN provider has specific servers for torrent only, most of them are Netherlands servers, you should confirm it with your VPN provider first. and don’t forget to read the VPN reviews before your purchase