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VPN Router

VPN router usually used by those who have multiple computers or various devices , by setup a VPN tunnel on the router, all of their computers or devices can go through the VPN tunnel . this saves money if you want all your devices to go through VPN tunnel. it is especially useful for connecting devices with no built-in VPN support. usually, people use OpenVPN on their VPN router, OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN solution which is better that PPTP VPN and IPsec. i recommend people use OpenVPN as well.

Unfortunately, not all routers in the market support VPN tunnels well, your need load OpenSource firmware such as

to use VPN service on your router, i highly recommend you use DD-WRT firmware, PLEASE check this page


before you flash and replace your firmware, because flashing and replacing the factory firmware with OpenSource firmware can cause your router to be ruined and non functional.

As the setup is very complex, there isn’t so many VPN service providers can handle this, if you want setup VPN on your router, i highly recommend the following 2 providers

These providers have very detailed info and decent support about the VPN router, you can’t go wrong with them, feel free to contact them first regarding your VPN router and don’t forget to come back to leave your VPN reviews