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True, there are lots of benefits of using a VPN Network issues relating to it, unfortunately, are less known to many users out there. The bottom line of VPN is that, it provides people with highly secure networks. Despite the potentials of VPN network configuring problems, data tunneling and preserving strong security of the network remains among the many troubles that VPNs are bombarded with sometimes. But following some rules of thumb really can make a big difference when it comes to troubleshooting. As for an instance, there are instances when users aren’t able to access the network’s file servers. When users are able to access these file servers by utilizing their IP addresses, instead of names, the cause for connection failure is probably a name resolution issue. Name resolution could fail for typical host names of NetBIOSor DNS.

As the client starts to operate the system, the VPN server needs to assign the clients of the VPN to a WINS type server address. If the operating system of the client utilizes DNS preferentially, the VPN clientele are to be assigned a special an internal DNS server, which can easily resolve the names of the internal network host. As you use the DNS to resolve the host names of internal network to cater to the VPN service clients, ensure that such clients are capable of properly resolve unqualified and fully qualified domain names that are utilized on corporate networks. Such kind of problem is in general seen usually as non-domain computers try and utilize DNS for resolving server names onto the internal network working behind that VPN server.

And what do you do when you find that the users are incapable of accessing anything onto the corporate network? At times, the users are capable of connecting to the remote access VPN server, and despite all that, they just can’t get connected to any possible resources onto the corporate network. And they’re incapable of resolving host names or are unable to ping resources onto the corporate network. The typical cause behind this issue is, users get connected into the network that are onto the very same network ID as that of the corporate network that is behind the VPN server.

As for an instance, the user remains well connected to the broadband network of the hotel and is usually assigned with a private Internet Protocol address onto the network ID When the underlying corporate network also remains onto the network ID, they’ll not be capable of connecting as the client machine of the VPN actually views that destination as one that is onto the local network. That way, it won’t send the connectivity to any remote network via the VPN interface. Yet another typical reason behind this is the common reason regarding communication failures. This situation arises when the VPN clientele aren’t allowed proper accessibly to the resources onto the respective corporate network because of stringent firewall rules imposed onto the co-located VPN server or firewall device into which they’re connected. You could solve the problem by configuring the firewall so that it allows the VPN clientele access the essential and appropriate network resources. If you remember these things about VPN  network problems should never get an upper hand.

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