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VPN client is all about meeting your needs for remote access. You have a network that is evolving continually as you’ve integrated more of the underlying business applications as well as consolidate servers. Within such an environment, it really is getting extremely intricate when it comes to maintaining full security at the edge of the network as employees and subcontractors (be it at home or office) keep working with the customers as well as the partners. In plain words, they require remote accessibility to their farm’s applications or servers and they want it in a fast, easy and secure way.

To cater this need, there are IPSec VPN Client software solutions out there. Did you know that there are different types of IPSec VPN Client solutions offered to you as on demand software solutions that support remote accessibility and are fully compliant with a great majority of the contemporary VPN gateways? Find yourself a software solution that features network tools for deploying security in both large and medium sized enterprises. They are highly competent and simple to configure? Then again, the IPSec VPN Client solution should also perform well on peer-to-peer VPN service. Today, you can find software programs featuring highly advanced and user-friendly GUI or graphical user interface that provides you with much simpler user experience. Amongst the key features that we get new these days are the simpler to handle top menu, more compact and much clearer Connectivity Panel, lesser buttons and much more short-cut tabs on the Configuration Panel.

If you already own a VPN Client software solution, you need to get the new releases installed, though. We promised in the title that we’ll tell you something about the most important parameters about a VPN Client solution. So let’s get that to part, shall we? It should have the capacity to enables a VPN Client to become 100% operational within Windows User Mode, which could be meant for software activation or configuration management. Then again, the language should be changeable just on the fly. All the strings should be modifiable from the software end, as this’ll help you localize all strings to view the changes just by a click. Did you know that some smart VPN Client solutions now support over 22 languages including some of the less known languages like Hungarian or Norwegian.

The bottom line is that, a IPSec VPN Client solution should features things like easy connection panel, software accessing control (password), tunnel protocol, nat-traversal, IP encapsulation security, strong encryption, solid user authentication, Vista credential providers, hybrid mode, mode-config facility, IP range, and highly user friendly connection mode. Then again, you should also check the performance of other features like gateway multi vendor, flexibility in software deployment, USB token / smartcard, token certificates managing system, silent installation system and hidden interface process and most importantly VPN configuration protection. At times there are highly secured import / export functionality that you can avail of. You should also check whether the VPN Client comes with a reliable VPN Configuration wizard.

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