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VPN ban in China

Since last month, VPN service (PPTP,L2TP IPsec,OpenVPN,Cisco IPsec ,SSTP and SSH Tunnel) in China got massive block by the Gov. ALL VPN provider effected. it is believed that China’s national fire wall can scan all oversea traffic and auto block the server port. that means, PPTP ,L2TP IPsec and Cisco IPsec are all dead once the fire wall detect VPN traffic on that server, because, these VPNs can not use other ports. but it looks the fire wall can not detect Cisco IPsec traffic at this moment, so Cisco IPsec VPN service is fine in China at this moment, PPTP and L2TP both use PPP protocal, are already useless in China, please attention, the fire wall will first detect VPN traffic then block the related ports, so you CAN connect to a PPTP and L2TP server in the first 1-2 days.


OpenVPN,SSTP and SSH Tunnel service can use multi port on one server, it can avoid the block, but it is very inconvenience to change port everyday and we found that the fire wall can even block the server IP address now. that is very bad. because open ports is free, but IP address will cost.

we don’t know how long this block will last, we will keep monitor it and report you the latest news


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