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Using VPN to Enhance VoIP Security

It is believed that the workings of VoIP are yet to be fully exploited especially by companies that use this service and have not implemented security measures that relate to it. This is despite the fact that the VoIP has become a target by hackers whose intention is eavesdropping your conversations for the information they need to hack your system. The good news is that there are a number of steps that you can put I place in order to protect your system by improving your security so that the traffic that leaves your premises can only be intercepted by someone who is just as sophisticated. This can be done through an encryption that is SIP based for VoIP calls which in most cases is not provided by the ITSP.  The other alternative would be the Virtual Private Network commonly referred to as VPN in the IT circles. The VPN can be used to route communication in instances where a company is seeking security or when there is need to bypass firewalls.

In the case where the company is seeking to boost the security of internal communication between employees of a given company due to the sensitivity of the content, then it would be wise to channel the VoIP service to the VPN server. As such, persons who attempt to listen to conversations will have to face encryption that is high end thereby rendering it a useless exercise. The VPN service offers security that is equivalent to the remote host that you connect to. Therefore besides ensuring that the VPN service is secure, you must also ensure that the server has not been compromised. This is among the many security aspects of VPN which may not necessarily help when the VoIP call is made outside the network whose security level does not match that of the VPN service. As such, the chain’s strength will be equivalent to the weakest link.

In the case where there is need to bypass firewalls using VPN, you must first understand that there are instance where specific ISPs will discriminate the VoIP traffic or the firewall wont allow this type of traffic to pass through it. This could be a hotel room or internet connection that is public that calls for you to appreciate additional security. A VPN will therefore be the perfect option for managing this setting as traffic will not have to leave the system with an identity as VoIP traffic would do. This is because it passes through The VPN server you have set up using a powerful encryption that will prevent snooping if any. The only disadvantage however is that the VPN service must beset up properly either on the laptop, smart phone or the local IP network that you are using thus when you use a device that is not recognized you are not guaranteed the same protection as when using the devices that have the VPN are set up. There are many other way through which you could put the VPN service to use alongside the VoIP service besides the two discussed above. Ultimately, with VPN, your security is guaranteed.

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