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Using SmartDNS to streaming videos

Nowadays, many people watch HD quality videos online, i am a big fan of online videos/movies, because it is very convenience and some of them are even free. but there a problem you need to resolve if you are fans of HD videos like me, that is the streaming speed, the internet traffic is expensive, specially for the ISP,aka Internet Service Provider, they spent tons of money to buy traffic from the broadband company, then they resell the traffic to the end customers like you and me, so you can tell from that, the less traffic the end customer use, the more money the ISP will make. this is the ugly fact : ISPs are throttling the speed to increase their profits.

Can we do something about this? yes sure you can do something, the ISP can throttling the speed, we can “un-throttling” the speed by using a third part service, we call the service “SmartDNS”, once you used this service, your streaming speed will boost to the top. the company who runs this service called PureVPN, which is a major player in the private VPN service industry, they have over 100+ Hi-Speed servers around the world to make sure you get the best speed of your streaming. here is the main benefits you’dd have

120+ Of the Best Entertainment Channels
When it comes to quality entertainment, you can’t do better than PureVPN SmartDNS. Unblock the best entertainment websites and channels with PureVPN Smart DNS like Netflix, 4D, Zattoo, BBC iPlayer, TV Land, 4oD, Disney, Hulu, Fox, etc. The PureVPN SmartDNS will give you your daily dose of online entertainment!

Incredibly Fast Streaming From Anywhere
PureVPN SmartDNS is designed to deliver unbelievably fast streaming speeds – nothing more, nothing less. PureVPN’s Smart DNS links you directly to streaming-optimized to provide superb streaming experience from anywhere in the world. So, get your popcorns ready and sit back to enjoy the best in online entertainment.

Compatible with All Internet-Capable Devices
The SmartDNS service by PureVPN is very easy to set up on any device. All it needs are a few simple changes before unlocking all the best entertainment channels and websites. Plus, you get SmartDNS service with every PureVPN account. Enjoy top movies and shows from anywhere in the world with PureVPN SmartDNS.

This service is just amazing , but this only downside if you can not buy it separately , you must buy their VPN service to get the SmartDNS service as a free addon. although their VPN service is amazing service too, but i don’t think everyone need it.