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Using Skype VPN as a secure platform

A VPN router is supposed to offer you the best of flexibility because you can connect multiple computers to a single VPN connection. When you surf the internet with this the owners of the website you visit cannot collect information on you based on your IP address. Skype VPN is a platform that is now used as a transport to tunnel VPN traffic and to blow through firewalls in order to link you to a remote system. It would interest you to know that this is a modern phenomenon that has come of age in the social media networking business.

When it comes to Skype VPN, you should in the first place have a Skype client running on your home machine logged in as a single account. Thereafter you can then have the Skype on your laptop on another account. What you should then do is to start a connection between the two of them and end up with a safe, encrypted access through the firewall from wherever you are. Since it is from system to system, there would not be any kind of infrastructure or central servers needed. It is also because it is outside the normal Skype p2p cloud. One of the main requirements here however is a yet-to-be-formed ‘extra’ that would be linked into the client API of Skype VPN and thus installed on all of the systems.

The Skype VPN has somewhat of a security concern for those who are into internet security especially corporate security. With whatever kind of extras that a user installs, the client side API can be accessed. It would interest you to know that all of the traffic in Skype is encrypted and therefore under normal circumstances a corporate IT security has no way of knowing what is going across that connection. In essence anything that the user installs and allows to get access to the API would be able to use this kind of connection that is encrypted. From wherever they are, the user can get access to their corporate desktop after installing this fictional Skype VPN extra without even going through the channelled gateways for VPN.

What you can do this Skype VPN is to use the Windows registry settings to control access to the API. However this implies that the company would have to encourage the use of Skype by making use of the Business edition. In addition the company would have to block any kind of installation of the normal version of Skype. This has not happened yet in many companies because people are still making use of the traditional approach of blocking Skype entirely from their local area network.

For all those who want to attain this Skype VPN, you can choose to make use of information technology professionals. This way you are sure to get the best of services and also a reliable fictional IP address for this social media networking. Your chatting on Skype would never be the same again.