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Use SSH tunnel service to unblock websites and increase your speed

Many people use private VPN service to unblock webistes nowadays, most of them feel the VPN is so slow, i asked some of my friend, they all confirm to me that they have speed issue when they are using VPN services.

Why everybody has this problem? the VPN server doesn’t have enough bandwidth? No. we tested in a dedicated server that only used by us, we still don’t get very fast speed. We did some research, the problem is because VPN is for the entire system, once you connected to the VPN server, all your system traffic will go through the VPN server, but usually, people only need part of their system traffic go through the VPN server, eg. Browser traffic, so is there any way that can only let your Browser traffic go through the VPN server and keep your other system traffic out of the VPN tunnel?

Let me introduce you the SSH tunnel service, SSH (Secure Shell) is is a cryptographic network protocol for secure data communication, for more details, please check this WiKi page : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Shell , SSH tunnel service can let you set only your Browser traffic go through the VPN server, and you can set one browser use VPN while another one is not use the VPN, for example, you have 2 browsers in your system, Microsoft IE and Google Chrome, you can set only Chrome use the VPN and IE don’t use the VPN service, so when you wanna open blocked sites, you open them in the Chrome, when you wanna open normal sites, you open them in the IE, this will increase your speed, because you didn’t let all your traffic go through the VPN server.

We didn’t a simple test, using SSH tunnel service to stream video sites is much faster than the normal VPN, and one more important thing is, you can even set which sites go through the VPN server, this is highly customable .

There is not many VPN service providers offer SSH tunnel service in the market, because the setup is a little bit complex, I know Alex from JulyRush.com offer SSH tunnel service, you can contact him by sending tickets to him : https://billing.julyrush.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1