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Use Private VPN service to avoid the online government surveillance

As we told you many years ago, the government is watching you , the privacy is just a joke, you have to do something to protect your privacy. sadly most the of citizens don’t believe what we said, now after Edward Snowden, the former NSA senior employee, hideout in HK, the privacy lie by the government is dead. believe or not, it is a fact that your privacy is in danger, it’s time to do the things to protect your own rights.


There are a few ways to make you anonymous online, proxy, VPN service , SSH tunnel service, the only one you need is SSL based VPN service, normal VPN is OK, but SSL VPN has the highest secure level, it is the best for privacy protecting.


There are 2 types of SSL VPN in the market , OpenVPN and SSTP VPN


OpenVPN is an open source app, can use on almost every major Operating Systems like Windows, OSX ,IOS,Android and Linux, you need do some easy settings to use the VPN, it might not dummy frendly, but it is the most popular SSL VPN in the world, almost every VPN service provider offer OpenVPN service.


SSTP VPN is Microsoft’s own SSL VPN solution, that means SSTP VPN only working on Window (Vista and above), you don’t need download any app to establish SSTP VPN connection, because the Windows has a build in dialer, you just set it like your normal PPTP VPN. it is really easy to use, however, not so many VPN service provider offer SSTP VPN service, you should check with your provider before you buy.


one more important thing is only buy VPN service from an off-shore VPN service company if you want real secure VPN, we listed each VPN companies’ location in the VPN reviews page, don’t forget to check it out