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Use A VPN to Access Blocked Websites

Have you ever tried to access one of your favorite websites while you are at work, or school? Did you perhaps notice that you could not access one, or any combination, of those sites? Many businesses and schools implement filters to block access to certain websites from their networks. Most of the time, the blocked sites are adult in nature, or may have been identified as containing harmful virus’ or malware.

Yet, there are other websites that many of us access every day, such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. These are legitimate websites, so why would anyone restrict access to them? Work and study productivity are but two possible reasons these sites are blocked. There are not many employers who want to pay their employees to frequent certain websites during working hours. There are other instances where the subscription service that lists the websites to be blocked have made an error that resulted in a legitimate site being blocked. But what if you have a legitimate need to research, or inquire? The answer is very simple. You access a VPN.

A VPN is often used to circumvent censorship filters that many countries have imposed on their citizens. The same principle applies when attempting to circumvent business or school filters. Once you are logged onto the VPN, you can browse wherever you want/need to browse and not be bothered with restrictive filters that someone has imposed.

When you use a VPN to access the Internet, your IP address is also protected. This is another added benefit since you cannot be traced back to your employer, or school network. Also, your employer and school will not know where you have surfed, since the only IP that will show in their server logs is the VPN IP.

Therefore, it is easy to see just how beneficial a VPN is to web surfing.

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