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Use a VPN Service for Anonymity

Those who use a VPN service do so for many reasons. However, one of the biggest reasons to use a VPN service is for the anonymity. While there are many who may say that if, you are not doing anything wrong that you should not have anything to be concerned about; there are those who reside in certain geographic locations that actually do have something to be concerned.

We must remember that not every country permits some freedoms that many of us often take for granted. One of the most abused freedoms is freedom of speech. Although there are, some limits as to what can, or cannot be said as part of our free speech, there are those who seek to place greater limits on speech. Regardless of imposed limits on speech, people will find a way to communicate. Of course, one of the greatest communication mediums that was ever invented is the Internet.

To many oppressive governments, the Internet is a tremendous threat. It is a threat because thoughts and ideas can be transmitted throughout the world in a matter of seconds. News of atrocities has made its way across continents often while the events continued to unfold. Therefore, there are people whose very lives depend on the anonymity that a VPN service provides.

When we log onto the Internet, the IP that our ISP provides is transmitted to every website that we visit. These IP’s are traceable. What that means to those people in oppressed countries is that everything they say online may be tracked, monitored, and recorded. This information may eventually be used against them as the governments crack down on those who disagree with its policies.

A VPN service hides the IP, as well as the country label, of everyone who logs onto it. This added protection allows news and information to travel without the threat of government oppression. A VPN service may be considered critical in saving lives and breaking oppression.