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US Senate want all your online privacy, here is how you can say No to them

Few days ago, the US Senate approved a resolution that undo everything you knew before about privacy policy rules. In other words, they permitted ISPs and telecoms to sell all the information regarding your internet history.

ISP now stands for “invading subscriber privacy,” Democratic senator says.

This new rule, hasn’t got into effect yet, but they already require ISPs to inform customers what information is being collected and how or where it might be used or shared.

At the moment, it’s not very sure when the House of Representatives will take the bill, but if The Republican-controlled House vote for this resolution, it will “end up” on President Trump’s table for a signature.

I know you guys are mad, here is how you can just say no to the ISP, the solution is using VPN service, but what is VPN service?

  • A VPN encrypts the traffic that is sent through your ISP to the VPN server that you are connected to.
  • This prevents your ISP from being able to see in plain text what you are doing online, including the websites you open and any data that you send and receive.

in short, nobody can view your web activity. we have listed many VPN service providers on our site, feel free to read some VPN reviews before you order