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uProxy – the Google’s next generation VPN service?

Google seeded a project a few month ago called uProxy , as you can see from the word, it is a proxy service while the official site called its a “personalized VPN service that you set up for yourself and your friends”

What exactly is uProxy?

from the official website, it can setup a secure tunnel between you and your friend, of course you and your friend need install uProxy first, it is a Chrome or Firefox plugin, which means uProxy only works for Chrome and Firefox. here is how it works, Mr. Wang located in China and his friend Tom located in the US, we know that Mr. Wang can not access facebook in China without a proxy or Private VPN service, then Wang and Tom both installed uProxy plugin on their Chrome/Firefox web browser , the plugin will setup a secure tunnel between Wang and Toms’ network, Tom’s computer can become Wang’s “proxy server”, so Wang can surf the internet like Tom which means Wang can access facebook/youtube etc. just like Tom in the US.

How’s this uProxy service compare to the normal VPN/proxy service?

As i can tell, this service has it’s pro and cons

Pro :

1, it is Free , Google has no reason to charge it.

2, it is difficult to block, because there is no flexed server , your friend’s computer is the server, and it changes every time, i bet you have more than 1 friend right? so it is impossible to block the server IP , the only chance is block the whole protocal, Google has the best IT guys in the world, i don’t think there is a country or company can beat it, their tunnel encryption is unbeatable .

3, only proxy web browser traffic, so you can use your local network at the sametime.

Con :

1, you must have a friend online

2, can not change IP unless you connect to another friend

3, only proxy web browser traffic so it is not work for APPs like skype

The uProxy project is a good project , it is very good for those who just wanna unblock websites, but the biggest downside is you have to have a friend online or at least their computer is on to use the service, this is inconvenience , i hope uProxy can learn from the bit torrent network, you can connect to anyone that joined the the “uProxy network”, then this project will be really unbeatable.