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Unblock Netflix US and UK

As you may have noticed that Netflix has recently blocked many VPN users to watch their videos oversea, this upsets so many people, however there are still a few private vpn service providers stats that their service is still working with Netflix, such as the ones that list on our homepage, this is a good news for us, but i am pretty sure that if Netflix really want to block VPN user, the VPN service providers can do nothing on it, so if the VPN lover really want to protect themself and keep using VPN on Netflix, the best way to do it is to sign petition to ask Netflix to change its mind.

I want to end this post with the words from the open letter openmedia.org to Netflix:

“The internet is the best content delivery technology available, but big, outdated business models want to block, throttle, and carve it into Cable TV 2.0,”