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Unblock Facebook

Facebook is one of the most addictive websites on the internet. People love to go on Facebook, to upload their latest pictures, latest statuses, latest videos and other stuff that they want to share with their friends and loved ones. There are various games that people are addicted over the internet like Farmville, Mafia wars or Pet Society and other fun games. Facebook has become a universal social network for the people today. It’s a terrible reality that is faced is that usually the workplaces and schools block up the Facebook. At times you really want to open Facebook if there is an important message coming up from your friends or your Farmville wants you to keep it updated.

Now this article brings you a solution to Unblock Facebook, Basically,you have the following methods to unblock

1:) Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network technology that creates a secure network connection over a public network such as the Internet or a private network owned by a service provider. Large corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies use VPN technology to enable remote users to securely connect to a private network

In short, a VPN service can let you visit websites you normally can not visit in certain place, for example , in China, you can not visit facebook.com, because the Chinese Gov blocked facebook.com in mainland China, if you wanna Unblock Facebook in China, you need VPN service. another example, you may can not visit facebook.com in your office because the administrator of your network do not allow you to do that, if you wanna Unblock Facebook in your work place, you need VPN service

There are many companies in the market provides personal VPN service, i recommend you read some real customer reviews on MyVPNreviews.com before you purchase

2:) Proxy

A Proxy site is a web page which allows you to browse your favorite web sites — even though your access to those web sites might be blocked by a content filter. If you find that you are blocked from your favorite websites, use one of these web proxy sites to get around the block, But proxies CAN NOT provides you privacy and security, you may be caught by the network administrator, and proxy is very slow, you need minutes to load a single page, plus you can not watch videos via proxy,so i do not recommend proxy to Unblock Facebook