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Unblock Facebook in China

Since its recent ban in the country, most youngsters are going haywire searching the internet for methods to unblock Facebook in china; this article discusses, in brief, the usefulness of VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to unblock Facebook in China.

Since Facebook is an extremely popular social networking site, and China being the most populated country in the world, the combination is quite explosive. So it is obvious that there will be scores of youngsters who would try to unblock Facebook in China. It is but natural that a lot of methods have come up in the past for the same, this is because it is natural that if you are a net savvy youngster the last thing you would do is delete your Facebook account just because it is banned in a particular region. Most of you would have heard of proxies and even VPN probably, so what you would be doing to unblock Facebook in China. The problem actually is not the ban on Facebook in China; it is the complex methods one would have to use to unblock Facebook in countries like China.

If you plan to use a proxy do not even think about it because proxies are almost rendered useless by the firewall. Since the majority of people would be trying to break through the firewall, it is obvious that the government would be aware of it, and so the firewall is strong enough to make the proxy run so slowly that it is almost rendered useless. Besides, the amount of ads you will get in proxy are very irritating and most of them are complete scams, they take you on an error page once you click anywhere on the advertisements.

It’s much better to unblock Facebook in China by using VPN. What VPN does is it allows you to access information of a public network or site like Facebook. So it is something like this; you use VPN to access Facebook and the firewall does not catch it at all because it appears as a private connection to the firewall. Hence there won’t be any hints of you visiting the website and no residues of your trafficking. Additionally, the VPN is quite safe to use as it secures all your private data in a discreet way.

As of now there is nothing better than the VPN service to unblock Facebook in China.