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TUVPN is an established multinational VPN provider. On each server they offer OpenVPN, PPTP, SSH Tunnels and L2TP/iPSec ,You can access all their servers with one account. NO-LOGGING and have MONEY BACK guarantee . their $9.95 per month package include all VPN service with unlimited traffic

TUVPN Highlights

  • OpenVPN, PPTP, SSH Tunnels and L2TP/iPSec , UNLIMITED traffic, and P2P allowed in specific servers
  • Access to any of our VPN nodes and HIGH ANONYMITY WEB PROXIES included
  • EASY to use and install with our tutorials.
  • HIGH SPEED insured with our extensive infrastructure and dedicated bandwidth.
  • Dedicated SUPPORT that is efficient and professional.
  • ANONYMITY and PRIVACY assured on the Internet from anywhere.
  • PROTECT your communications when using HOTSPOTS.
  • NO-LOGGING policy, MONEY BACK guarantee if not satisfied,

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Customer Reviews

42 Reviews to “TUVPN”
  1. Colin says:

    I decided to to give this provider a try I see it is new to your site.
    **Ok there are HUGE problems with this provider.**

    1. The provider is Spanish, Spain they have English translation for the site, the English service appears to be new.

    2. Issues moving from different parts of the site, when moving around the site the language often defaults back to the Spanish language!

    3. Placing the order from the English part of the site starts of good BUT once I reach the checkout page the order reverts to the SPANISH language!! the English translation is lost, this made it very difficult to confirm my order.

    4. One I have fought my way thought he order process ALL the order conformation, log on detail’s and welcome emails are in the Spanish language ONLY there is no English translation.

    I don’t recommend this provider at the time of writing, unless you speak Spanish

    ***Also you have the price wrong its 12 Euro, with a first time discount price 5 Euro using their discount code**

  2. tam says:


    Seems there are a lot of CONs about their website.

    But how about their VPN service?speed,downtime,support

  3. Colin says:

    @ tam

    Update review.

    I finally received the log on information in the English language, it seems they process accounts manually.

    They provide good instructions on setting up the VPN connections.
    I tested the USA and UK sever on my DSL 3MB connection

    1. USA to Europe Speed average 1.71/ 2.18
    Ping results 337ms/379 ms
    Distance 3950mi

    2. UK to Europe speed 2.84
    Ping 88ms

    The US is slow, UK good

    Service poor they still haven’t replied to my issues,
    Downtime none so far.

  4. jonhdospasos says:

    Just signed up. Have been testing UK and Switzerland nodes and speed is good as said by last reviewer.

    There were small issues with navigation (language changing back to Spanish), but they seem to have already fixed. Opened a ticket about an issue I had with PPTP and answer reasonably fast.

    Good tutorials and FAQs although Spanish tutorials are much more complete. Asked support too about this and Windows 7 and MAC tutorials are to be released next week (or so they said).

    Very good offer with promo code, couldn’t find anything similar for this price.

  5. bru says:

    I have been using TuVPN service for a couple of months now (I am Italian so can understand most of Spanish and was using it before English site).

    Service has been great. I can just remember one night having issues with the Bucarest server and when wanted to ask about it I realised that they had already posted info in their server status page about the issue.

    Using it mostly to download “stuff” and Zurich server offers very good speed to me (close to Milano where I live).

    Was researching for a while before going with TuVPN and couldn’t find anyone offering PPTP and OpenVPN and different servers for this price (after 1st month I moved to 6moths-8€/month option).

    Also support people where nice and helpful the few times I needed them. All in all, I would say a good bet and worth trying.

  6. NZ says:

    I signed up with TUVPN yesterday and have been testing it. I have connected via OpenVPN. Everything has worked very smoothly.

    It seems the initial bugs with Spanish language referred to in a previous review have been fixed. The sign up process went as smoothly as it could have done. Welcome, payment confirmation, and activation emails were all very clear. Set-up tutorials are nice and makes getting started quite quick if you follow the steps.

    I have been mainly using the London vpn node. Speed is very good.

    Googled TUVPN for comfort and found they were covered in a well known Spanish paper, Publico (www.publico.es). You can run the article thru google translate for english. Nice to know they are ‘serious’.

  7. NZ says:

    Forgot to rate the service in my last review. Can’t fault the service at the moment.

  8. shad says:

    I have been using it for watching English TV and it has been working very nice. Speed of London server is very good and there has not been any downtime since I am using it. No experience with support because I have not need it. I use openVPN

  9. macpro says:

    Have been using it for a week to watch Hulu (OpenVPN to USA server) and protect my IPhone communications (PPTP to UK server). Both have been working great. I tried before a couple other options (that I can’t mention :D) and streaming is far better with this people.

  10. pau says:

    Have been up&running for one month now. Speed is fine although I have got used to the fact that providing security to your communications will inevitably slow them down (have tried several vpns…). What I like about tuvpn is the fact that
    they have been adding servers and features without touching the price. Last one, squid proxies, I find it pretty useful when just wanting to watch some blocked tv shows … All in all by now I am happy with them. Would recommend.

  11. robin says:

    Nice service and, even more importantly, superb support. Have had issues with their new high anonymity proxies configuration and they have been very patient with me and finally fixed the problem.

  12. ed says:

    I was using first their free proxy service (info somewhat hidden at http://www.tuvpn.com/faqs.php?ln=en ). It was working amazingly fast, the best free proxy I have ever tried. So I decided to give a try to the full vpn service and although speed is not as fast as the proxy for streaming (guess normal, I am using openvpn) I like the extra security it gives.

    No issues so far and I like the fact that they add servers without increasing price (three days after joining Amsterdam was added).

    Would definitely recommend.

  13. TheManFromDelMonte says:

    Thus far very pleased with the service.

    These aren’t my first VPN providers, as I’ve just left my usual one after 6 months of good service but wanted a change with more choice and speed.

    TUVPN offer great choice, with 5 servers in;

    * Holland
    * Romania
    * UK
    * USA
    * Switzerland

    One can use PPTP protocol which is faster but allot less secure or the more secure but little more slower OpenVPN protocol which is what I would recommend.

    No additional cost is added for using either, unlike some providers.

    The unique selling point to them is they have a very good proxy service which runs from all of the 5 regions the VPNs are hosted on and all the user has to do is run them via port 8080.

    Proxy offers added protection for browsing. They offer elite high anonymous proxies on all servers.

    I’ve found customer support VERY helpful and honest indeed, which is exactly what you want and if you read a recent blog they have here http://blog.tuvpn.com/2010/03/encryption-strength-128bit-1024bit-2048bit-4096bit-so-what/ it will explain allot about Encryption strengths and how some companies tell complete lies about what they offer.

    The security TUVPN offer for OpenVPN connections is;

    Control channel (Establishing and Keeping VPN tunnel) :
    1024 bit RSA

    Data channel (sending/receiving encrypted data to/from the VPN server) : 128 bits using Blowfish cipher, HMAC packet authentication using 160bit SHA1

    ^ That is very secure anyway and was used by my last provider but TUVPN have announced that they will be offering a more secure service soon

    ”Very soon we will be offering as an option for the data channel 256 bits using AES in all our VPN server”

    I’ve had no problems with connections or downtime. The upload speed is terrific and very fast indeed, that is something they excel at. Download speed is fine as-well but I find the upload is really good for me and in fact is faster than my default ISP speed.

    Lastly all IPs on the service are STATIC and do not change(Dynamic) so everyone has the same exact IP address. This could be seen as a problem by some, when many are using the same connection and speeds get lower or for security purposes if someone tried to snoop(man in the middle attacks) but if you use the secure OpenVPN protocol, that wont be possible anyway and the actual privacy & security is BETTER for all users because as they all use the same IP, its virtually impossible to track everyone and know what data is going to where and when … plus they don’t keep logs.

    Great service and hope they keep going up and up.

  14. soft says:

    Hi, Does someone could tell me if it uses shared address or addresses dedicated. I have no information on their website. Thank you for your probable answer.

    If this service seems very interresting …

  15. TheManFromDelMonte says:

    &Soft you should have read my review as I state it clearly they have SHARED STATIC IP’s and not dynamic.

    This can be seen as bad by some but its actually good in many ways, because it makes the traffic even more anonymous and with OpenVPN your traffic is secured anyhow.

    I have asked TUVPN about when the data channel option with 256 bits using AES is coming out and they said sometime next week and it will be applied to all OpenVPN accounts by default (So we need change nothing) but they will have the Blowfish option on standby in case anyone wants to use it, slightly faster than AES at that key length.

    They’ve also told me that they plan on having the next server in Spain, than Canada and onto Asia like Hong Kong or Malaysia.

  16. soft says:

    ok thank you TheManFromDelMonte for you reply.

    I am subscribed to another vpn that is dedicated IP addresses and dynamic. It’s even better for the security of shared and static address as does TUVPN.
    VPN with which I am subscribed uitlise the 256-bit blowfish and is more robust than AES, but although the password TUVPN blowfish to AES.

    Anyway it seems interesting and with a staff of quality, so maybe I would try it at the end of next month.

  17. miles says:

    I like the fact that they provide openvpn over 443/tcp as an alternative for people like me that can’t use default udp port. Haven’t found other vpn providers with this option.

    All in all I think a very good and complete offer of services and servers worth trying.

  18. secret.user says:

    Good evening, the 3rd VPN I test and I am satisfied with the service offered. The staff responds quickly to our requests, the connection speeds are good, and strongly advise for P2P forwading with 5 ports in Spain and a server that is available today. I confiiance in their service. (No log does not monitor …)

    I recommend it to everyone with a reasonable price, 12 euros, then a chance for the same price to configure a proxy on their choice of servers (USA, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Angletterre, Holland).

    Have fun with TUVPN …

  19. me says:

    These guys really now what they are doing. I had problems setting up my VPN on my MAC Leopard and they kept pushing until got it working. It seems that Leopard and Tunnelblick are not close friends and they send me a tutorial on how to use their OpenVPN service with Viscosity. I thought that it was even too much support for a service that costs me 12€! 😀 Anyway, good luck to them.

  20. Rocco says:

    Great service, even better support!

  21. Martin says:

    ok thank you TheManFromDelMonte for you reply.

    I am subscribed to another vpn that is dedicated IP addresses and dynamic. It’s even better for the security of shared and static address as does TUVPN.
    VPN with which I am subscribed uitlise the 256-bit blowfish and is more robust than AES, but although the password TUVPN blowfish to AES.

    Anyway it seems interesting and with a staff of quality, so maybe I would try it at the end of next month.

  22. TUVPN says:

    This supplier is the best VPN market.

    For streaming, access to TV from different countries, P2P application (utoorent, emule …) with 5 port forwading.

    This VPN service is perfect, with a staff of quality, and support this team.
    Supporting this is by ticket support, forum or by email.

    I recommend it to all who are downloading (P2P).


  23. masai says:

    Signed up to their 1 month service for £4.20 and I will be renewing my subscription for sure.

    1st time Iv’e used a vpn and am really happy with the service and support from this company. It was a choice beween TUVPN and StrongVPN but simply put you get a better service for your money with these guys. Very fast and reliable servers with simple setup.

    The tutorials and FAQ’s are really good and easy to follow.

  24. Jon says:

    Lovely service. Really good customer care and they are fast & helpful to queries. The servers are well configured and offer top notch security and privacy.

    They are also improving the service regularly and have new servers each-month. Currently Malaysia just been added at no additional cost.

    Now you may see other providers like Overpl*y who have more servers in more nations and hence it looks better BUT also consider WHERE the VPN provider is located! TUVPN are located in Singapore who have good privacy laws, while the likes of Overpl*y are based in the UK who are not good on privacy.

    I mention this because its a double edged sword many don’t realise. The location (owner) of the service and the location of the servers you use.

    So my point is Overpl*y and similar rivals are not as private for the user as they say, because they are bound to the strict UK laws no matter where the servers are as they are offering it. While TUVPN are bound by Singapore’s strict rules and abide the strict privacy laws of the EU and this is mentioned in the terms and conditions. Read them and than read many others and you will see.

    These guys also have HTTP proxies on all servers for additional security. I actually get faster upload speeds using them than I do from my ISP.

    Lastly what’s unique about TUVPN is they LISTEN to the customer about suggestions which is very important. I would like to see more activity in the forums but in time it will happen.

  25. Richard B says:

    After reading the positive reviews, I decided to give TUVPN a try for accessing the UK TV web-sites. First all this does not work with TV Catchup.

    Their web-proxy is extremely fast (25MB download with my Verizon FIOS connection) but their VPN is very slow (0.5 MB download).

    With my other VPN vendors I get lot faster download speeds at a cheaper cost. I have canceled my subscription and requested a refund.

    Their support was pretty good though.

  26. Big_Black_Rod says:

    Great service and the connection to TV catchup worked fine. You need a free membership to use TV Catchup and if your not logged in, it wont work.

    TUVPN have also just released a static IP service, for those who want an IP in either Spain the UK or the USA. It provides traffic and bandwidth just for that customer and alas even faster speeds.

    I will be using that when I want to watch stuff when I’m out of the country, to guarantee the fastest speed possible and no other users are hogging the connection.

  27. Spaniard says:

    I have given a try to their new dedicated IP service on London server. Works reeeally great for UK TV. As I got a new IP just for me I haven’t found any case where the IP was blocked by the media provider.

    All in all, really good service, quite easy to setup and flexible (as I can use PPTP or Openvpn, in my situation, OpenVPN from laptop and PPTP from iPhone enjoying with both my dedicated IP).

    Very recommended!

  28. Richard B says:

    These people will not leave me alone. Their speed was too slow for any of the UK TV sites so I canceled my account and requested a refund. I didn’t hear anything back about the refund.

    Now they keep on emailing about an invoice even though I have canceled my account through the client area 5 times.

    TUVPN: Your speed sucks and your internal billing systems suck even more.
    To anybody thinking about using TUVPN: DON’T DO IT.

  29. Adil says:

    EXTREMELY costy. €12 for 6 servers, 3 being quite slow?! Cmon.
    Definitely not worth the money..

  30. Qing says:

    well, looks like i’m a lucky guy. i got very fast speed with TUVPN. i think it depends, i mean the speed depends on many external factors, the best way to find out whether a VPN service is fast or not for you is try them. many VPN service got money back guarantee, so don’t afraid to try them one by one, till you find the best for you.

    just my 2 cents

  31. Erik says:

    Agree with Qing here, speed is great from South Africa. Also if I can count correctly they offer 9 servers not 6, with access to all of them and unlimited changes that I wouldn’t say is too bad.

  32. Zed says:

    Some parts of the English site are still in Spanish and they have some inconsistencies in it (they claim not to store your name, yet require it at registration).

    Also they do not mention anywhere before you register that on 3 of their servers (England, US, Switzerland) all P2P traffic is banned on them. You can see that only after you register…

    Using the service is not that easy either – you have to edit config files in openvpn to change the server you want to connect to. Also, they generate a separate user name and password for the vpn, different from the one you use for the site, and the user name has a bunch of random characters in it, you cannot change it and have to input it every time you connect (because openvpn does not store it).

    And no matter what “money back guarantee” they claim to have – they still have not cancelled my service and returned my money, despite me being well within the specified terms for it and my multiple attempts…

  33. Evan says:

    like them. liked their simple pricing structure. easy to install and found changing to different vpn servers within their network simple. good speed. found review of TUVPN in popular spanish website. encouraged me. run this link through google translate:

  34. Peter says:

    I was somewhat scared about some comments here about this provider but I signed up due to very positive reviews about them on other sites. Experience so far has been great and haven’t found any of the issues mentioned by some people here. Speed is more than good and change of server (with openvpn) is as easy as right clicking an icon and changing the server name. Also choice of servers is great (10). All in all a nice experience in my first days.

  35. Malin says:

    Had some issues to place my order (due to some checks 2checkout does) but support helped me to sort it out.

    Choice of servers is great (wouldn’t need even so many, don’t think I will ever use the Kuala Lumpur one).

    OpenVPN + PPTP + Squid is all I can need to cover my laptop, my iphone and casual browsing.

    And most important, third VPN provider I try and SPEED really makes a difference with tuvpn. Maybe they don’t have too many customers and so servers not crowded but so far speed is simply amazing compared to some other services I can’t mention.

    Somewhat expensive in short term plans but a good deal anyhow.

  36. spot on says:

    hi i joined tuvpn 2 weeks ago after reading reviews i only use the open vpn service speed is great portforward works great. After months of problems with my old vpn service going down hill i jumped ship and joined tuvpn. great choice i glad i joined

  37. Andrew says:

    I suspect this company to be a honeypot. They claim on their website to be Singaporean but, people world over know them to be Spanish.

    Everything on their website talks and smells Spanish/European but, they claim to be from Singapore.

    This has been putting me off from Signing up. Can anyone shed more light on this?

    Overall, I think that if they are more transparent with who they really are, their service will be worthwhile.

  38. Andrew says:

    Hi All, I am not trying to bash anyones business but, I just think we the consumers need to know who we are purchasing from.

    Regarding my previous review/comment above concerning TUVPN being a “honeypot”/front for a 3 letter agency. I think my suspicion is being gradually shed to light.

    I am not here to talk about how great or bad their services are. This is not the point of me posting this review/comment but, I am put off with the fact that they are not completely truthful with who they are.


    Fact 1: I wrote them an email asking where they are actually located, they replied with this:


    TUVPN.COM has never been registered in Spain. Spanish individuals were involved during first stages of the project. Now it is managed by an international team and registered in Singapore.

    Hope this answers your question.


    TUVPN.COM Team”

    TUVPN Team: The above did not answer my question.

    (I can provide a screenshot of the full email).

    Fact 2: They’ve been mentioned in a Spanish publication (http://www.publico.es/espana/272924/un-proyecto-espanol-ofrece-navegacion-anonima) as a Spanish company based in Barcelona.

    Fact 3: If they where transferred/sold to a Singapore company. When was it? Why didn’t they mention it to consumers on their blog, Twitter or Facebook page – stating that they changed management? Is it supposed to be a secret???
    I don’t think so, it is a piece of information that is newsworthy.

    Fact 4: They claim no ties to Spain but, most of the language on their confirmation messages (order, contact, welcome emails, log on details), are all in Spanish language ONLY (No English translation).
    Why haven’t they gotten rid of all the Spanish on their website if they are now Singaporean? As I write this, they still blog in Spanish language.

    Fact 5: They claim they do not have any Spanish ties above but, most of the press releases they’ve put out has a Singapore address and a Spanish phone number: 0034933905455 (Barcelona to be precise).
    Do a Google search for “tuvpn press releases” and you will see what I mean. Also do a search for the phone number as well. One example of their numerous press releases: http://www.prlog.org/10536207-tuvpncom-expands-its-internet-privacy-security-services.html

    Fact 6: They claimed in their email reply to me (above) that “TUVPN.COM has never been registered in Spain” but, the following lines where found all over their press releases: “TUVPN.COM’s head office is located in Singapore, while its operational team is located in Europe”.

    Please do your due diligence before considering signing up with this people (whoever they are).

    No VPN company can be trusted but, in my opinion: A company that is not truthful about who they are is more dangerous than a viper…I would avoid.

    Before people start attacking me, please know that I am no competitor, I do not own a VPN company, I am just a consumer. I just want them (TUVPN) to throw more light on the facts outlined above.

  39. tuvpn says:

    Andrew, many thanks for your interest.

    Allow us to put your mind to rest and provide a little history lesson for
    you and other readers. Perhaps not as exciting or spicy as you would like,
    and a story that many businesses could tell.

    TUVPN.COM was designed by Spanish system architects with careers in system
    security. In January of this year (4 months after going live), as part of a
    corporate and operational restructuring, the VPN network was transferred
    from an incubator to a privately owned Singaporean registered company under
    the same management. This restructuring established the business in its own
    right and on more solid footing for the future. The Singapore domicile was
    chosen for its support of growing businesses, and established legal
    (including privacy and data security laws) and banking systems. Only
    finance, administrative and corporate functions are carried out in

    We have proud ties to our Spanish routes but have no registered entity
    presence in Spain. Operationally, we have VPN servers in Madrid, and senior
    system architects engaged as permanent consultants based out of Barcelona…
    one of which was happy to provide a contact phone number to allow for follow
    up questions on the TUVPN network. Our system architect team with their long
    history of network security make sure that all our customers data is safe
    and secure. Remember that TUVPN.COM, like many VPN providers, does not store
    or monitor data traffic of its customers. We just provide the secure ‘pipe’.
    It’s a little more complicated than this, but you can read more on our Blog.

    Like many businesses these days, operational resource is provided by
    dedicated experts from remote offices, mainly in Europe. Established and
    verified business partners also play a key role in the growth of the
    business e.g Payment providers, hosting providers, website developers, seo managers,designers etc etc.

    Hope this helps.


    The Team at TUVPN.COM 🙂

  40. fat pat says:

    my experience of tuvpn (via their london server) has been very positive.

    There were 2 main reasons for me to use tuvpn

    1) they claim not to retain server logs

    2) you can pay via an anonymous cash service in the uk called ‘ukash’ which you can buy in many corner shops in the uk with cold hard cash

    Download speeds have been acceptable

    The only negative is that some websites have blocked my tuvpn ip address

  41. Jason says:

    Paid for the service through 2checkout which I believe to be reliable company. Very good 3rd party payment service in past. Then they did NOT activate my acct, first time ever I contact 2checkout who ask me to contact tuvpn instead! Was told to provide more identifications, don’t know what they are thinking but I subscribe to vpn service to keep my anonymity I do not intent to give away more details then the basic which I remind you was approved by 2checkout! Either way tuvpn support was prompt enough to agree to refund back my payment. No issues with such a great support.

  42. Samir says:

    9 months agoRaymond, atnehor great article I’ll keep for reference/learning about VPN.a0 One small point I wanted to ask about is that in the installation description, you say, Now run OpenVPNPortable executable file as administrator and you will be prompted to install the driver. a0 The first display box says, Uninstall OpenVPN Portable network drivers? a0 And then the instruction says to choose, Yes. I’m thinking you might choose No and only say Yes if you terminate the service and want to uninstall the drivers.a0 Sorry, I’m a newbee to all this and didn’t want to ask stupid question, but am quite interested in keeping this article.Reply

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