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€30/3 mo

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Trilightzone only offer OpenVPN service, they have servers in Netherlands, DE, Czech Republic, HK, US, Luxembourg . 100% privacy with no logs . yearly package has UNMETERED bandwidth . support P2P traffic.

Trilightzone is an excellent VPN service provider . they have many satisfied customers leave them positive reviews . feel free to read some reviews and try their service

The downside of Trilightzone is it is a little bit expensive

Trilightzone VPN Highlights

  • Everyone from any country can use these services.
  • Excellent for business, home and travellers who need a secure private encrypted line to communicate.
  • Your IP is never revealed remaining protected at all times while being anonymous in your surfing.
  • Suited for virtually any use – companies, personal, finance, casino, gaming, secrecy, social networking …
  • All your traffic is 100 % encrypted using the strongest methods available increasing your anonymity !
  • Professional 24/7 Support – no ticket or robotic approach !
  • High speed connections – year packages have UNMETERED bandwidth !
  • Easy setup and firewall/internal network friendly – operates in very hostile environments.
  • Accounts are protected by password authentication and unique certificates
  • Full protection against eavesdropping and other forms of attacks.
  • Ensuring 100 % privacy with no logs, surfing anonymously on the internet at all times.
  • Supports Skype and many other VOIP calling solutions.
  • Supported platforms include Windows, Linux and OSX (MAC).
  • OpenVPN is also known to work on Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD.
    P2P Support.
  • Support for Proxies, Socks and solutions like Tor to increase your anonymous surfing and usage.
  • Excellent for streaming Audio and Video.
  • Excellent for anything requiring Low Latency.
  • For custom wishes like your own unique and private IP contact us too.
  • If you wish to combine our services then we design a personal package and a personal price for you

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Customer Reviews

47 Reviews to “Trilightzone”
  1. Kim Berkens says:

    Love the superfast service and many services available, a onestop shop for basically anything. They’re not US based which is a must nowadays for any serious privacy seeking person.


  2. Kim Berkens says:

    PS, sorry i forgot to set the ratings !

  3. Joshy says:

    i’m an ex-findnot user, signed up recently and i’m really glad i found them. should have done this much sooner. i myself am an IT person and i can say trilightzone knows their stuff, no bs mentality and quick. anyway my 2 cents about trilightzone.

  4. Joshy says:

    looks like rating system doesn’t work currently 🙁

    anyway i give trilightzone 10 out of 10 !

  5. appleface says:

    Hi !

    Thanks to this site i tried trilightzone and that’s why i’d like to give my rating here. So far i’m very content with the prompt services and their honesty on my questions. Although p2p is supported and works, they do tell you straight forward that torrents, emule and the like won’t get a superspeed. Seems to be against bandwidth abuse and they’re focussed more on the privacy seeking public with more important reasons as to p2p only. In my case i’m happy and p2p works just fine for my needs. Also would like to say they have quite some custom and unique services i can’t find on any other place. Keep up the good work !


  6. Drew says:

    I will have to say I am very happy with their service. I am not usually one to rate a company with a perfect rating but as of right now (2 days into using it) I am very pleased.

    I bought WiTopia and have decided to cancel my subscription after trying these guys out. The service is fast, I have been downloading torrents all day, and surprisingly easy to set up. I know my around windows and I got it setup in probably half an hour but I also decided to give linux a go and add the SSH tunneling as an extra adventure. Well, after installing Ubuntu and after about a year or two hiatus I got their tunneling service setup going in about 10 minutes. I am also terrible with linux btw.. I am still essentially a noob but I can fiddle with things till they end up how I want them. In no time I had their service going. Also, while I was doing all this I checked out their webmail service, it’s included as a service and after clicking the link they emailed me and to my surprise it didn’t work. I emailed them and had a response within 20 minutes. I kept having problems and had an ongoing email chain with a few of their guys and had it working.

    So essentially I am impressed enough to highly recommend, and possibly even upgrade my own service. Good company…

    I hope this helps answer any questions if you’re looking for a good service.

    Also if you decide to use ubuntu try Gnome SSH Tunneling Manger, great program.

  7. boomer says:

    Using their multi country service as i’m posting this and it’s great ! I travel alot so their vpn and secure storage service are an enlightenment for me, no need to drag my data over borders and risk losing it.

    I’m quite a critical person and i like their approach to privacy, they’re non u.s based and protect their own privacy too so they’re no sitting ducks unlike many others which are usually just amateurs trying to make a buck. These guys know their ****.

    Also thanks to myvpnreviews.com for setting this up for people!

    Hasta La Vista ! 🙂

  8. opcom says:

    Found trilightzone through this site and want to leave a word of thanks for them, hereby.

  9. cornbread says:

    In the tradition of the previous reviewers i keep the rating also on 5/5 🙂 Using trilightzone ssh shell service which works sweet. Support is really (REALLY) fast and easy to communicate with. I wanted to adjust my useragent so instead of using the default internal http proxy over ssh i can use also the internal socks proxy (over ssh) which does not change the useragent to the default. All went quick and well.

  10. Haig says:

    I have been a regular reader of this website (and have left here quite a few notes) searching for my ‘ideal’ VPN provider.
    I think I have found in Trilightzone the VPN provider I have been looking for.
    Their setup is simple, the speed is fine (slightly slower on Torrents and LowID on eMule/P2P) and their support service is outright outstanding.
    I hereby wish to thank Trilightzone for the VPN solution they provide and for their courteous, effective and fast support service.
    Also my thanks, once again, to the Myvpnreviews.com team for their useful website.

  11. jbee says:

    The complete signup procedure with trilight worked flawlessly after I got that their application form did not work in Safari (no radiobuttons – it works in Firefox) on Mac OS X 10.6.

    Outside of the USA they seem to only accept PayPal – I prefer credit card direct payments, but that is OTOH fudging the(ir) privacy I guess.

    Straightforward OpenVPN setup – I just expanded the zip file I got into my Mac’s Tunnelblick user library directory. Installation talks about exe’s and that stuff we unix/mac folks don’t care too much about.

    The process to get the connection up and running went really smooth and did not require any human interaction 😉

    The connection stability and speed seems very good.

    In all, very positive experience with the tri teams service. Good job!

    ** jbee

  12. ZeroCool says:

    I am wandering what country to choose when it comes to their VPN service and what are the implications of choosing USA or an EU country or Hong Kong? Is this related only to speed and therefore I should choose the one closest to me (Greece) or are there more into it?

    Thank you

  13. thefan says:

    I would just contact them, they’re fast and know what they’re talking about 🙂 (already gave a positive review about them)

  14. NeoSting says:

    It is one of the real best deal. OpenVPN works perfectly with them. I can also use filesharing and p2p, i can watch Hulu outside US… Speed is nearly never limited for me. I recommand 100%, even support is good !

  15. Leo says:

    I wondering what is their privacy stand, do they keep logs? If so how many days?

    Also how is their uptime? I am thinking of maybe getting the US Server package.

    Pricewise seems a little expensive compare to ACEVPN or Witopia but if the speed is good then should be alright.

  16. Fellows says:

    Almost 2 months now that I am with Trilightzone and, so far, perfectly satisfied.

    Upload and download are fine, be it FTP, Torrent or P2P.
    Surfing on the Internet is a synch.

    OpenVPN works fine and if you wish to bring modifications to setup, Support service is highly reactive and helpful.

    Just my two cents worth: if you really are concerned about your privacy, avoid IPs that are US/UK or French as these countries have laws allowing them to be nosey.
    In the same vein, avoid like the plague any ‘privacy’ provider based in any of the countries above (amongst others).

    I personally feel in trusted hands with Trilighzone, that is probably the highest compliment coming from me.
    (I hope I am not being naive ;-).

  17. shaky says:

    this is a good website with lots of information about vpn services ! i switched to trilightzone.org and it’s a world of difference to my old provider. i can watch hulu with no delays and do my thing online.

    Shaky, far away from his homeland 🙂

  18. Samson says:

    Like previous posters said, excellent support and services. No regrets for switching from another provider who is also mentioned on myvpnreviews (not allowed to mention the name:-) VPN is a breeze to setup and used it already from a few hotels during travel to communicate with home.

  19. Anon says:

    Great VPN provider. Left my old VPN provider where tech support was almost non-existing and never looked back. This is probably the best service one can get. Anon says go for it!

  20. Anon says:

    Forgot the rating… 5 stars all the way!

  21. snoopdogit says:

    Got my multi country VPN accounts and got all working within 10 minutes. Support is superior then anything i experienced before.


  22. Keesie says:

    Hallo all,

    My english is not very good, but trilightzone supports people are patient. The VPN and hosting account are good and they help me learn more about all this for protect my privacy.

    Prise is worth the quality and service. Many can take that as the example.


  23. Sumo says:

    I travel for work alot and i used to use the builtin vpn for windows but this was a pain as it requires a special protocol (think it was gre or something) so hotels and places i simply could not connect. My positive review is for trilightzone with their good openvpn service and most of all, like others said already, their fast support. i’m using now their luxembourg vpn while in switserland, good speed and in this hotel i could not use the old vpn.

  24. 4reedom says:

    After using trilightzone.org for 3 months i upgraded to a one year account. Support is fast and professional. The vpn helps making sure that my uk provider does not make a profile of me and my family. Too bad that the uk is really now a 1984 Orwellian reality. Beside good information they got other privacy services i use for business. Hope things stay good and others find this quick review useful.

  25. Viktor says:

    Great support but I have to say that the speed so far is much less than I hoped for. It’s mostly around 500 kb/s max. Not much when you have a 100mb/s connection. It could have something to do with choosing the Czech server, maybe the German one is better. Also, during my second day of using the service the client once locked up the network interface on my Win 7 machine so bad that I had to reboot to get it working again. Hopefully it was a one time experience.

  26. pango says:

    Quick experience review:

    Super support !
    Clear installation instructions
    Good speed from my location
    Worth the price 🙂

  27. adam byrne says:

    Only found out about VPN’s a while ago. Did some research and found this site. Big thanks to all the reviewers above! I choose Trilightzone, and they have been great. I’ve only needed to contact them once, and they were really helpful and very friendly.

    Thanks again you guys!


  28. tugoto says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I’m a VPN client at trilightzone for a couple of years already but saw this vpnreviews site only recently. Thanks for the bonus code which worked during renewal 🙂 What can i say about trilightzone ? To be honest only good things, even in the rare case something did not work their support was blistering fast to fix it. I can only agree with the other posters here.

    The other services they offer added to anything else i needed, mostly for business and privacy.


  29. n0b0dy says:

    The support is really nice, i’ve set about 50 mails with detail-questions to them, and they answered every question without being ungraciously.

    I paid their service using cash by mail, and wasnt really sure if my money will reach them. But everything went good, it was even possible to change the service i had chosen from SHH Tunnel to the VPN…

    But the CZ server is really slow for me (I live in Hamburg, Germany, so not very far away) I’ve got about 50-120kbit/s, without the VPN about 700-800kbit/s!!!!

    With about 400 kbit/s i could rate them with 4 stars, if i would have the full speed (What should be defnitly possible) i would give 5 stars.

    If i do not forget it, I’ll update this review if i get a little bit more speed 😉

    So long, n0b0dy

  30. echoblack says:

    I’ve had a shell account with there New York/server it was really nice. I asked them to install GNUscreen, Mutt, msmtp, getmail, Irssi, and they installed them on the srever globally no problem; in fact they praised my good choices. The speed was about +150KB/s. I had that for 6 months.

    I also got a VPN in Hong Kong. That went well for about 3 months then it got crazy slow like 30KB/s. I emailed them and they changed me to a new server in Hong Kong for free no problem, but suggested I move my account to an European Server. Then about 2 months latter the speed came back down to a 30KB/s and after I emailed about the situation the guy suggested a new server they just set up in Luxembourg. I said sure, but was worried about latency because that is on the other side of the world. HOWEVER, I have no latency problem. I would suggest to other not to worry about distance.

    Now in Luxembourg I get 150KB/s on a single stream like a Flash video pod-cast. However, BitTorrent speeds seem unlimited.

    All in all, I think that they are good. We will see if I have problems with Luxembourg though. One thing I am looking for is a fast VPN account in a country that is NOT vary friendly to the USA. Like Russa, Hong Kong.
    NOT a EU nation and not on the list of nations on the “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement

    ZeroCool: No do not get a VPN in the same nation you are in. It is called “Jurisdiction Hopping.” It makes it much harder for governments to track you.

  31. echoblack says:

    Hum, after further testing. The 150KB/s was a cap from the streaming services like YouTube and stuff. Like revision3.com dose stream in at 300KB/s. So disregard my previous statements about the speed cap on a single stream. Also, even downloading at 300KB/s from revition3.com I can still surf the web and it is nice and snappy.

    Trilightzone is fast.

  32. bokehman says:

    Looks like missed this website else i could have gotten the nice discount with bonuscode 🙂 But that is ok, when i renew i’ll use the code of this good reviewswebsite!

    Me is happy with trilightzone for a good time now. Using their vpn solution and offshore hosting service. Support is always quick to troubleshoot anything not caused by me.

    I know there are other cheaper providers but cheap is not always good, trust me

    Thank you

  33. echoblack says:

    Well, darn. The server in Luxembourg is dial-up slow now too. I’m getting peaks of speed but 90% it’s at 50KB/s.

    I’ll say that I never had a problem in 6months with the Shell in New York. Also, Trilightzone is like “The Best” for Privacy and Anonymity. It seems everyone ells ether keeps logs on you or is crazy about protecting ridiculous copyright laws.

    – Rant –
    I think I’ll use this vpn for p2p and then get another service for everything ells… I hardly bit-torrent anything anymore anyway now that I have Netflix and Hulu is still free. That is how to stop “File sharing” just stream us the content for like $8/month…. Simple.

  34. argonaut says:

    Quick word on Triligtzone:

    I’m also a user of multiple services offered by these guys and a happy chap since this year. They go out of their way to work with the client and provide a combination of services. On top of that they give a fair discount for multiple services.

    Happy Traveller (using the VPN from Europe)

  35. worldtrav says:

    Another traveller passing by 🙂 Just saw the bonus code so i’ll use it for a renewal. Want to say great service, extremely knowledgable support and a no nonsense approach. Not a flood of signs and lights and bells, these guys are serious and listen.

    Greetings from Luxembourg

  36. bolorarus says:

    I’m new to the vpn service (using it 1 month now) but already been using the other services trilightzone offers happily. Just like other said above their support is good and also are a one-stop-shop for all privacy needs.


  37. Sally says:

    Excellent & fast support.
    I love their professional service.
    There are even cheaper providers out there,
    but I could not imagine any better than Tri.

    a happy Tri user

  38. Loekie says:

    Great service so far, using also several of their services including the vpn and tunnel. service. When renewal comes up i’ll try the bonus code, i hope it’s still valid.

    Btw, support is fast and helpful.

  39. smirnoffit says:

    Goodmorning all outthere ! Here is another VPN hunter using trilightzone.org privacy services and another vpn provider also mentioned on this site with good ratings. Just want to say i am with both very happy. i use trilightzone with a dedicated ip for specific work related needs and the other vpn i use for more or less entertainment type of quests. Lets see if there ever will be a openvpn client available for the iphone that would complete it all.

  40. Kilroy238 says:

    On the plus side…

    I’m in China and have used Trilightzone for well over a year now and have been, overall, very satisfied with their service. It’s a shell which I really prefer as I can choose what I want to be protected. Web surfing gets protected but things like IM and torrent downloads get a straight net connection. So for me it works very well.

    Some might be cheaper but I always figure you get what you pay for. They are always fast in reply to my emails and when I have had a problem things have been taken care of quickly. Even on things like switching servers when I felt the speed was down. There is supposed to be a fee for that but they take care of it fast and never mention a charge so sweet.

    If your in China I really recommend these guys.

    For the minus…

    If you use things like rapid share you might find using the shared IP that you aren’t allowed to download. I rarely use those sites so for me it’s no big deal I have a buddy though who had a lot of problems using sites like that.

  41. Xero says:

    The Trilightzone guys are fantastic – brilliant service and customer support.

  42. uname says:

    Got just up and running since a couple of week from one of the trilightzone systems and i’m excited, this is the first time i use a vpn. Thanks to all ppl above for their reviews, it helped alot. Here is mine. Too bad i can’t add also a review about their offshore hosting but lets say i’m a happy camper.

  43. spellray says:

    The trilightzone service consists of alot more services beside their openvpn services but since this is a vpn review site i’ll stick to the vpn side and experience. My setup was a bit difficult since i needed a bit more of a custom solution to work properly. Without going into details it’s enough to say that in some regions in the world communication is very restricted. But i was helped through the whole process to get linux working with the vpn fine. The quality of support and deep knowledge they showed says alot to me, period.

  44. Sigh says:

    I am very disappointed with this. I am an IT person so I understand what they are providing. But Patrick, although he is very friendly, does not.

    I have asked six times for him to describe the VPN and SSH services (because I want to know that they understand it) and each time, he avoids the question. Also, I have asked for specific instructions as to how to connect using the linux command line. Each time, again, he changes the subject and he has twice said maybe I should find another service.

    Notice that he does not say they do not support the linux command line. He also doesn’t say that they do. He just avoids the question. This has been going on for almost a month, now.

    I’m sorry to say that trilightzone is literally the worst service provider of its class I know. I’m comparing to VPN services and hosting services – even crappy ones like HostGator are better than Patrick at trilightzone BUT he was very polite. Just unwilling to answer direct questions and unable to provide linux instructions. It’s disappointing. 🙁

  45. frendlich says:

    Good service !

    I’m a freelancer and usually only have slaptop with me. Got up and running from a few countries. One thing i can express is they work outside office hours too, important for me.

    Thanks !

  46. southsider says:

    Hallo, i worked on my own vpn network project for 2 months as i setup business over the border. I got a bit stuck getting my old vpn account to work from my own networkrouter. Saw alot of good messages about trilightzone and signed up. Just made sure they could help me out while using their service. Everything is good and thanks goes to the great support.

  47. oldexpat says:

    A word of thanks to trilightzone for helping an old guy with his computer and securing it, hereby ! I have been through many reviews and after trying 1 provider i switched to trilightzone with the hope of good help. Was not disappointed and just checked the IP of my connection while i write this and it shows one of the system i use.

    Thanks from an old expat !

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