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Top 3 working in China VPN service

It is a pain for the people in China when they wanna use sites like facebook, youtube,twitter, google, gmail etc… the normal VPN protocals is not working in China, especially normal OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, normal SSH , the great fire wall is very smart now,  it can detect many VPN protocals and interrupt them.

Another pain is most famous private VPN service providers’ website got blocked in China, you have to contact them via email, i hope you are not a fan of Gmail, because gmail.com is heavily interrupted in China.

So, the VPN service that working in China should have the following highlights

1, can offer OpenVPN (static key) , SSTP, Cisco IPsec, SSH (obfuscated key) ? please attention that normal OpenVPN and normal SSH is not working in China

2, have a website that can be accessed directly in China

3, have servers in Asia or at least west US, because the speed and response time matters

Here we have a few Private VPN service privider that meet the needs, they’ve all tested in China

1, Julyrush

this is a China based VPN service provider, you can’t go wrong with them, because these guys located in China, they are heavily VPN user , they know what they are doing. they offer 5 VPN protocals, including OpenVPN for iPhone/iPad. BTW, you have to access their websites via a https session in China : https://billing.julyrush.com

2, StrongVPN 

it is a established VPN service provider, the highlight is they offer 24x7x365 online chat support, and can be accessed in China directly via domain : www strongvpn.asia

3, PureVPN

This is the famous VPN service provider in the world, they are located in HongKong, and their main clients are China users, they have SSTP which is good for China user, and they ave a backup domain for China user : www.purevpn.net


You can check the above provider by read their VPN reviews in our site, and if you want, you can try them and leave your own VPN service reviews on our site