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Tips about how you can unblock websites on your computer

It would interest you to know that a number of companies and even schools have cracked down on the usage of the internet. This is because they deem it taking away a lot of time which could be used more productively. All of those websites are seen not relevant and are thus regularly blocked and as such rendered inaccessible to any user of the computer. But there is way in which you can easily unblock websites on your computer and then gain access to the internet again. Let us then take a look at some of the steps that could be followed.

You have to note that your school or company may track when you unblock websites on the computer. If it is possible for you to be caught in this process, you would want to weigh all the various consequences before ever doing it. Also note that the federal authorities and police departments have the ability to track internet use and would therefore be able to arrest and prosecute anyone taking part in it. There is the need to always shut down or log off your computer when finished. This is because the network and internet can always be tracked by administrators. Never ever make the mistake of not logging off a computer and then being held responsible for any wrongful act.

In order to totally erase any evidence of your browsing history, there is the need to edit your Windows registry when you unblock websites on your computer. You have to recognise however that this is a complex process but you can always consult a professional when having problems. The user of the computer in this case must have the administrative rights that are associated with the login ID. There could also be software that is used for this task.

When you gone through the process that unblock websites in your computer, there is the need to delete the history of websites that you have visited. This is normally done by clicking ‘Tools’ that is on the top right hand side of the screen, After clicking on this you should then select ‘Internet options’ and under the ‘Browsing history’ go to ‘Delete’. This process would then eliminate any browsing history that you may have on the computer. Indeed you can even choose the kind of information that you prefer to delete on the machine. What this does is to make it difficult for anyone to see which of the blocked websites you have visited.

If you choose to unblock websites on your computer, then you would have to do well to careful as to keep this from any authority that may be in charge whether in school or at the office. It is important to note that there is no need to have special computer skills in order to do this effectively. All it takes some few steps that can be easily learned on your own or with the help of a professional.