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things you should known about the VPN server speed

Everyone like to use fast private VPN service, many people complain that their VPN server sucks on speed, i will tell you the things regarding speed in the VPN service industry.

i think we should begin with how the VPN network works, usually, VPN service provider rent dedicated servers and bandwidth from Data Centers(DC), the DC rent bandwidth from the bandwidth company, these companies operate the internet cables between the continents. The most important thing is, not every line is good for specific country, for example, the line between US and EU is only good for US and EU people, if you are located in Asia, this line is poor for you, because each communication will go to another place first. The following is someone in Asia who want to communicate to an US server.

Asia => EU => US

Asia => US

If he choose a line which has direct access to the US DC, he will get better speed.

So as you can see, the VPN service provider can not do anything regarding the poor speed of a cable line, the only thing they can do is make sure they have enough bandwidth from the DC and choose an optimized line for specific country, like say, for China user, a good VPN service provider will rent servers from a DC that provides good lines to China.

Usually, the VPN servers have enough bandwidth, because most people is fair use, they load web pages, watch videos, these actions is acceptable to VPN company. But if 5 people who have 20MB internet access reached their full speed (like torrent) at the same time, and we resume the VPN server have 100MB bandwidth which will cost $100-150 per month, it is unacceptable for both VPN company and the DC. The conclusion is the DC sold you 100MB bandwidth, but they don’t like you use this much bandwidth, the VPN company sold you unlimited bandwidth, and of course they don’t like you to use this much bandwidth, they’d rather lose you as a customer to make sure they got the max benefits.

So, if you don’t use too much bandwidth, you’ll easily find a good VPN service provider. If you do wanna use much bandwidth, I suggest you setup your own VPN server or at least contact your VPN service provider before you order.

In all, there is NO methods or ways to increase your speed to specific servers, the only thing you can do is change, change servers or providers. Here is some steps you can try

  1.  contact your provider, ask their suggestions on which server is fast for you
  2.  try the servers they suggest, if all of them are no good, simply change to another provider

PS : if you are using OpenVPN, try use UDP instead of TCP, because UDP is faster than TCP

PPS : if all your needs is browser based, like surf websites or watch videos, you can try SSH service, it is a proxy service that only let your browser traffic go through the VPN server, because your other traffic doesn’t go through VPN server, the traffic go through VPN servers will be faster

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