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things you must know before you choose your VPN service provider

Most of you came here because you want to use private VPN service, if you want to know the tech part of the VPN, please go to this Wiki page for details , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Private_Network .

Basically, a VPN service can encrypt your traffic and change your IP address, use VPN service, you can have the following benefits

  • Change your IP address, IP address is like your Government ID or SSN number, it can track you on the internet, if someone knows your IP address, they can know who you are and where you located. in the IPV4 network which we currently use, IP address is not much, not everyone can have a static IP address, this makes the tracking a little bit difficult, but the authority can still tracking you on the internet. in the IPV6 network which is currently in beta , every sand in the Sahara can have a static IP address, so everybody can be easily tracked. if you use your real IP address, you just feel like naked in the public.
  • Bypass the GEO-Restriction, in today’s world, many content can only be accessed in certain countries or regions, such as Hulu.com is only for the people in the US. if you are outside of the US, you must use US VPN service, it will give you an US IP address, after you connected to the US VPN server, the Hulu.com will “think” you are the people located in the US and give you the access to their content
  • Unblock websites in countries like China and UAE,etc.. many top sites like facebook.com, youtube.com can not be accessed in China , even Google.com will be blocked usually. you have to use VPN service to get a “normal” internet access in China
  • WiFi security, there are many public WiFi spot today, people use it to get internet access, however, if you do not encrypt your traffic, it is very dangerous because hackers can easily get your data, including sensitive information like bank account and password. if you connected to a VPN server, your traffic will be encrypted so hackers can not get your personal information.
  • More and More….

There are many VPN service provider in the market, i don’t wanna tell you who is the best, i just want to tell you some important thing of VPN service, i hope after you know these things, it can help you make the decision.

1, PPTP,L2TP/ipsec,SSTP and OpenVPN , i’m confused

As you know VPN connection can encrypt traffic, OpenVPN and SSTP VPN have the strongest encryption, these 2 VPNs also called SSL VPN. please attention, SSTP can be used only on Windows Vista and above. PPTP and L2TP is the easiest VPN, nearly every platform has build-in VPN dialer that support PPTP and L2TP. however, PPTP can be easily disturbed , the ISPs in China usually do this , it is not recommend to use PPTP China.

OpenVPN need TAP-Adaper to establish the VPN connection, so you need download and install their client software, to use specific VPN provider’s service, you also need the specific .crt file and .ovpn file

In today’s world, OpenVPN is the most popular VPN solution

Windows Mac Android iOS
PPTP Yes Yes Yes Yes
L2TP/ipsec Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSTP Yes No No No
OpenVPN Yes Yes Yes Yes

2, The speed

because when you use a VPN service, you will first go through the VPN server then go to the target server, so, of course you will lose speed, however, if you have a decent connection to the VPN server and the VPN server has a decent connection to the target server, you can not feel the difference. unfortunately, you can’t be tell whether your connection to the VPN server is decent unless you try it yourself. so don’t waste your time to ask the provider how fast you can get, just try them. Please attention, although nearly every VPN provider has money back policy, but NOT ALL OF THEM accept the slow connection reason, just check their refund policy before you go. most of the VPN companies don’t restrict your speed, at least they said so, but i highly recommend you test them first.

3, P2P useage

You can use VPN to do torrent, most of them use Netherland servers , because DMCA is a US law and usually NL data centers don’t buy DMCA take down notice. some EU countries also allow you use torrent, but their data centers don’t have enough bandwidth like NL’s, so if you want us P2P , just go with NL servers.

4, Privacy

Frankly, companies located in the US and the UK are not 100% safe, because authority can get anything from them, HideMyAss.com DO DID THIS before. and every company have logs, more the less, it is a natural fact. so i recommend people choose off-shore VPN companies