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The Virtual Private Network is a technology of new generation

Virtual Private Network  /VPN/ are local networks together or the incorporated separate machines connected to a multiservice network. This uniform network, provides privacy and integrity of the information transmitted. VPN uses for data transmission in a communication infrastructure, for example in a network the Internet. Safety issues are provided by enciphering the transmitted data. Experts use a line of mechanisms excluding the non-authorized access.

Three properties the adjusted Virtual Private Network  /VPN service/:

1) Enciphering;

2) Protection against the non-authorized access;

3) The control over granting of access.

Only realization of all three properties allows to protect computers of users, servers of the enterprises and the data, from external undesirable intrusions, information leakage and the non-authorized actions.

New technology VPN on the basis of multiservice network ATM/MPLS allows to unite the removed branches, offices vpn client in the uniform protected high-speed network.

Technologies VPN protect corporate networks from influence of viruses, malefactors, simply curious, and also other threats and result of mistakes in administration of a network.

Virtual Private Networks /VPN/ are created on the basis of rented and switched liaison channels of general purpose networks (for example, the Internet). VPN are good alternative to isolated corporate networks.

Advantages VPN following:

–          low cost of rented channels and the communication equipment;

–          wide geographical scope of a network;

–          high reliability;

–          it is easy, to connect new networks and new users;

–          it is easy to change a configuration;

–          it is easy to carry out the control over events and actions of users.

VPN ideally approaches for connection of the central office of the company with her branches. The virtual channel allows to connect local computer networks of several offices. So organize some liaison channels for access in the Internet.

Standard IPSec frequently use for association in a network of several branches. Weak places IPSec are known. Complex structure with a uneasy configuration, weak places in system of safety, a problem with a fireproof wall. Now experts work above elimination of these lacks Virtual Private Network/VPN. Result became occurrence of the project of «open software».

Enciphering of the traffic of the data is for VPN obligatory. This network virtual connections are under construction open data links. For maintenance of confidentiality and reliability of the data used powerful methods of enciphering. Such connection refers to the tunnel, and technologies of enciphering protect the traffic from the dangers concealed in Internet.

Today there is a set of various systems VPN, for example ???? and freely distributed StrongS/WAN and OpenS/WAN. However, choosing the standard, it is necessary to be convinced, that hardware maintenance of him will support. VPN on base IPSec can be realized on all platforms. However only in Linux, it is possible to use technologies VPN to the full. The equipment of large manufacturers, as a rule, provides a configuration of tunnels IPSec. Frequently to server Windows, it is required to get additional licenses.

OpenVPN is freely distributed software under license GPU/GPL. The software is present for operational systems Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, MacOS X and Windows 2000/XP. That OpenVPN can be used and on the specialized devices on base Linux, the Italian manufacturer Endian suggesting a fireproof wall with OpenVPN proves.

OpenVPN is a technology of new generation. The technology is based on the modular concept of safety and cryptographic system: SSL/TSL. It is used in Web browser. When the protected pages beginning with « https: ///… » are caused, and it is considered the branch standard.

OpenVPN became the advanced and reliable technology VPN from accessible and thus free-of-charge. Technology OpenVPN is alternative IPSec. The organizations can thanking OpenVPN, without the big expenses to receive numerous advantages. Options of universal protection of personal computers by means of the central corporate fireproof wall, tunneling of fireproof walls and intermediaries WWW, and also relayings of the broadcasting traffic

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