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The new astrill software bugs

Astrill VPN released their new client software V2.9.3 , after upgrade to this version, something strange happens, i use their openweb service BTW.

first, i can not open firefox if Astrill is running, i have to open firefox first then open Astrill. second, even i choose do not use openweb on chrome, the traffic is still go through the VPN server which means a lot of speed decrease. maybe you’ll have another strange problems, i don’t know, but it could be.

i tried contact their support but no luck, these guys can’t help on this issue, then i made a few test and i finally find out the problem is caused by their new software, the new software will automatically change your system proxy settings, more specific, in IE, Internet Options — Connections — LAN settings, the software ticked Use a proxy server for your LAN. this caused all the problem, after i uncheck that option, every thing back to normal. and of course you need uncheck the Set System Proxy option in your Astrill SETTINGS — OpenWeb Option tab.

Astrill is a very good VPN service provider, they just need do more tests before release their product.